Kardashian Pass

Kardashian Oiled For Your Pleasure

Many females will try but few will succeed as they don’t possess the “Kardashian Pass.”

Kim Kardashian is unquestionably an American sex and beauty icon for the new millennium. Her rise to fame and solidified empire building began over five years ago when she appeared as the BFF of (then relevant) Paris Hilton. The infamous sex tape with then-boyfriend, R&B crooner (Brandy’s brother) Ray J-debuted, and Kardashian became a household name. Capitalizing on the tape’s momentum she pushed the insanely popular E! reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and under direct management of momager Kris Jenner, steadily built an empire of brands inclusive of Playboy spreads, endorsements, television shows, perfumes, skin care, customized rims, clothing and even an autobiography set for release in September (whew)! Without question, the Kardashian sex appeal paired with mother-daughter business savvy and a privileged background have provided unparalleled success.

Kardashian’s success would not be possible however, if she did not utilize her “pass.” The “Kardashian Pass” is an exclusive combination of inherited traits (Armenian with exotic features), wealth (as father was the late Robert Kardashian and stepfather Olympian Bruce Jenner), and calculated sex appeal (Kris Kardashian is dumb as a fox). The pass supersedes mainstream, urban and popular culture and excuses sexual transgressions to promote larger fame. The pass requires no education, little moral standards, yet the silent agreement to document famous lifestyle on reality television which further taunts the exclusivity of its use. Blood siblings of Kim Kardashian gain access to the perks of its usage, due to their similar genetic traits and racial ambiguity. The Kardashian light skin tone grants commercial appeal (white America) while maintaining a solid fan base amongst minorities as she is Armenian with large physical “assets” (breast and behind-surgically enhanced or otherwise). Other characteristics include a preference to date Black or brown-skinned men and a wild social life juggled between Hollywood’s wealthy elite and urban superstars with amazing skill. While a notorious socialite and businesswoman, there is no education required, special skill or talent associated with her domination. Kardashian’s career, while hot as fish grease, is based solely on her sexual appeal…and a best-selling sex tape.

Legions of young women admire the Kardashian lifestyle and its many perks, as evidenced by the over 4 million followers on Twitter , so when studying her model of success assume a sex tape/peddling sex could be the cornerstone to similar success. A faulty theory however, as there are no other women to reach the “Kardashian level” of fame unscathed with a similar, public, sexual background. In fact the only other icon in modern history is Marylin Monroe, a white woman with sexual appeal that distracted an American president. Consider the career of Karrine “Superhead” Steffans, a Black female video model turned bestselling author, but her sexual past inhibits crossover fame and marketability like Kardashian. Another example would be Tila Tequila, who in a similar pattern tried to capitalize from her bi-sexuality, yet now is considered a D-list celebrity. Further evidence Kardashian success can not be duplicated by other minority females with a sexual past, little talent and no original offerings.

Admiration of Kardashian’s speedy rise to the top is to be expected. Watching the antics and achievements of Kardashian and family on the Kardahian Network, E! Television Network is a celebrated guilty pleasure that millions of Americans share. However, do not attempt to replicate, for without the “Kardashian Pass,” one may end up publicly humiliated, sexually traumatized or even the tabloid fodder that spirals a stint in a rehab center (i.e. Montana Fishburne, Tequila, or Steffans). No, media favor is given solely to the Kardashian, so Americans clamor to watch the pass in action- commenting along the way. Carry on Kim, the face of sexual marketing and bona-fide pop culture star that most women would emulate if only they could gain access. Kim Kardashian often says, “hard work pays off,” and while true, possession of the “Kardashian pass” doesn’t hurt your celebrity either.




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  1. I hear you, BUT…. I think that Karrine’s method (tell all book/loose lips sink ships) is what has prevented her from “cross over” mass appeal. I think KK gets a lot of flack from maximizing on what she has; we never criticize Master P/JayZ or other rappers who glorify selling drugs/crime as a means to gain the capital to pursue their rap careers and then have used their influence and appeal to get into other business ventures? Its a total double standard.
    I do feel like the “wrong” people are glorified in this world, but is it their fault or ours? E, BET, MTV, VH1, insert random gossip magazine, make these pseudo celebs larger than life. I just feel that the criticism directed at KK is unwarranted.

  2. enjoy the HotNess while you can *;* nothing last forever ^;^

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