Everybody Hates Kat – Soulja Boy Edition

Soulja Boy- GET HIM?!?!


Kat Stacks

 Last night the Twitterverse was a buzz as video footage debuted showing Katherine Stacks (Kat Stacks) in a hotel room with Soulja Boy detailing their sexual tryst and his alleged drug use. Kat slurs and mumbles that the two had sex multiple times Soulja Boy unable to “get it up”- and that Soulja Boy is a coke-head, as evidenced in her video. Kat then walks to the next room and shoots what appears to be cocaine lined up on the dresser. She is giggling the entire time. Whenever there’s sexual debauchery in hip-hop lately, Kat Stacks is never far behind…


To View Kat’s Video-Click : http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhSqlk4GV3qbVuDH03

                     I’ve already detailed my feelings about Katherine, though she is a self-described heaux there is no excuse to disrespect or physically assault her, but  I do not condone Kat Stack’s  exploitation of others. *le sigh* At this point in Kat’s limited career, it is presumed she is a professional at taping and detailing  sexual encounters and personal fcukery between she and any rapper-of-the moment encountered. Her methodology is no secret, not difficult, nor  hints at changing anytime soon. The questionable factor in this instance is Soulja boy, a 19-year old with talent, promise, and a seemingly bright future,. Why would he choose to have sexual relations with Katherine as well suggest a sloppy addiction to cocaine?  After witnessing his peers (irrelevant yes, but peers nonetheless) in Young Money fall victim to Katherine’s videotapes, Twitter fodder and YouTube monologue, why would Souldja Boy choose to bed the “Supahead” of a new generation? At the Intercontinental in Buckhead??? *Fingers to Temple*

         Where were his “people,”  or older visionaries with is best interest in mind to prevent  foolery? If in fact there was no convincing Soulja Boy to slur another victim instead of Katherine, WHATTHEJOEJACKSONHELL was with the coke left out on the dresser?!?! THAT is celebrity preservation rule #1 1. Not only is he underage, but has no shame with his alleged addiction, characteristics LILo knows all to well. If he is not using cocaine, then allowing himself to be set up at a hotel of his choosing is just…the worst judgement of the week. By far (Tasia’ is off the hook)! Consider endorsements lined up for Soulja Boy, aiming at younger audiences as they are his fan base and buy ringtones. It’s  hard to push a cartoon or products of a convicted crackhead.-ShortBusShawty indeed!! Where is the better judgement?? Someone should save Soulja Boy from himself… not Kat Stacks. We already know what she’s capable of, bless her smut-filled heart.

*******My FAV VLogger KID FURY’S HIMSCARICAL TAKE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN2IxoE63vE&feature=youtu.be ********




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