MTV VMAs 2010 Wrap Up

MC West- MTV VMA's 2010

Every year the MTV VMA’s are one of the most anticipated awards shows on television due to the history of top-notch performances, avant-garde fashion and uncensored shenanigans. This year’s ceremony was surprisingly lacking in all three major areas, and had it not been for the futuristic set design, 4-hour hype surrounding Kanye West’s finale performance, and Twitter, few would have tuned in.

Pre-Show Highlights:

Modern, all-new set design & “White Carpet”-the sleek makeover was a great look for MTV, and added to the hype and anticipation of the show. Unfortunately, the design was more appealing than the actual performances. *le sigh*

Nikki Minaj

Nikki MinajYour Love”/ feat. Will.I. Am. – Nikki’s trademark animation and schizophrenic faces/voices rapped lip-synched alongside a blackface masked Will.I. Am. Not clear if he was trying to make a fashion or political statement, but he looked rather creepy. Their outfits were better than the jaw-dropping (not in a good way) collaboration. Who told Nikki to “dance?” Anything for press I guess.

Trey Songz no performance– The fact that he walked the White Carpet in a Count Blackula exaggerated collar is worth mentioning. The fashion police were alerted and a warrant was issued for that hideous olive jacket.

The rest of the show was a complete bore.

Chelsea Handler, (this year’s host) while usually herscarical during her weeknight talk show on E!, failed miserably. Perhaps she was drunk, nervous, or a combination of both, but her jokes continuously fell flat, the skits were weak, and the audience (at home & in the arena) could not relate. Where was Chris Rock?!?!?! Icon Cher, who’s cameo appearance was one of the highlights, would have been a better host choice.

Over-Hyped Performances Highlights:

Florence & The Machine“Dog Days Are Over” – Excellent live performance by a truly original and talented artist. Best vocals of the night.

Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa –no performance– She won every major award, looked a haute couture vision in Alexander McQueen (WERK GAGA!!!!), and made a political statement by honoring discharged gay servicemen and women. It was truly Lady GaGa’s VMA’s.

Drake, Mary J. Blidge, and Swizz BeatzFancy”– If only for the fresh collaboration (the song was originally written for Mary) and the post-performance camera pan of Princess RiRi asking Katy Perry, “Are you ‘fancy’?” Classic.

Paramore“Only Exception”/”Airplanes”– The transition from B.O.B’s set, to his hit collab w. Hayley from Paramore to the band’s closing set. Pop/rock perfection. DAUM that is a talented band!!!!

Linkin Park“The Catalyst” – Still one of the best alternative groups effortlessly  blending rock, trip-hop, and scratching with the cleanest vocals. Great set.

Kanye West“Runaway” -He debuted his new song which celebrated the @$$hole in everyone. Amazing track with brilliant /witty lyrics, he showed out in the freshest red suit (was that Gucci?), Liberace gold chains, and a feature by Pusha T (the Clipse)!! Hip-hop heads could appreciate the homage to MC-ing. (Anything Kanye does rocks IMO. I’m biased. *Ye Shrug*)

Worst Performances:

Taylor Swift somenewsongshewroteforsypathy/ “The Innocent”– Middle School talent show at best. She opened with a clip of her infamous speech interruption from last year; a low blow, and dare I say disrespectful to the uber-talented Kanye West. Swift’s lyrics were about forgiving Kanye but she sang off-key, and I…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. *wipes drool*

UsherOMG” – Though he arguably had the best stage concept, complete with futuristic set design, flourescent costumes, seizure-inducing light show, and a whirly-cam, it was a complete let-down. Urrrrsher barely sang a live note, and he was so out-of breath at the end of his 4 min. dance routine, it was obvious he is getting…old. Too old to have a dance-off with Chris Brown, his man-candy peer.

Every other performance was disappointing and collectively underwhelming. From Justin Bieber’s limited skill masked by imitations of urban dance stereotypes and white girl hysteria, to Eminem appearing very “middle-aged” and RiRi looking like the Wendy’s brand reject. Essentially it was excitement and promotion for two-hours of sub-par talent sprinkled with auto-tune and awkward moments. MTV reminded the world of what’s largely missing in music; Michael Jackson and talent. This year’s rating: 2 *(5 being the highest)


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  1. I missed Beyonce.

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