HAWT Event In ATL: SocialiZe

Hottest intellects, drinks, and conversation in the city!

It’s Saturday night in Atlanta, and you cant’ stomach another @$$ grab, an expensive bar tab, or screaming shallow conversations over DJ-Such & Such at the club. You don’t know when it happened, but *gasp* you’re over the bars and clubs and thirst for meeting new, beautiful people, with stimulating conversations in a sexy environment?! If only such an event were an option in the A-town… fortunately, there is. SocialiZe, presented by UrbanCupid, is the fresh monthly event that caters to the fly and intelligent crowd. The concept is rather simple, gather a blend of people, offer the best cocktails at an intimate yet chic locale, and then let the conversations begin!

     After initial mingling, guests are divided into smaller groups and prompted to answer provocative questions ranging from politics and religious opinion to sexuality and relationships. The party starts itself as the answers spark side discussions and memorable (passionate) exchange. I’ve had the pleasure of  attending the last two months,  had a wonderful time, and also approved the Cutie Count (they were in the building)! Leading into the third month of conversations, the SocialiZe crowd continues to grow developing  positive buzz. Be sure to check the website for next month’s new location, purchase your tickets, check out photos and more at we-SocialiZe. Follow the conversation on Twitter @ #WeSocialiZe and I’ll see you at the party! 




About Dawnavette

A Modern Renaissance Woman passionate about writing, women's issues, race relations, pop culture and music.

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