2010 #EBT Hip Hop Awards-A Wrap Up

Nicki Minaj (courtesy of MTV.com)

The BET EBT Hip Hop Awards aired last night, a week after its live taping (Oct. 2) in Atlanta. Twitter, the blogs, or your cousin Bishop (local reference) had already spilled the details of every appearance, chain, and lack of special guests a while ago, so many people did not waste time viewing yesterday. Mike Epps, this year’s host, struggled to keep the attention of the crowd and most viewers, but even his silliness couldn’t save this show. I really wish I caught up on last week’s Teen Mom instead. *fingers to temple*

There were several live performances, the majority of which were underwhelming. There were 3 notables, for different reasons.
1. Ricky Rawse, Diddy, and MC Hammer (Um…) -“B.M.F.”,”MC Hammer”, and “Too Legit To Quit” medley. Yea. If only for originating the #HiddeninDiddyssmoke Twitter Topic, the show opener was a hodgepodge of yelling, pyrotechnics, Diddy-bopping and smoke all in the name of the Teflon Don. Then out of nowhere, King Hammer (self-proclaimed) appears with a legion of dancers (duh) clad in bellhop/military reject costumes from 1989. The older heads like myself were excited Hammer is still moving and that we knew the words/movements to the song. The young kids were probably confused.

2. Wakka Flocka Flame & anyone he could muster onstage- I honestly am not sure but will guess “Hard In Da Paint”?!- *deep sigh* if speculated prior, last night should prompt a full investigation into Wakka’s mental capacity. He was loudly incoherent, appeared confused (during his own set), and ran through the audience soliciting artists to join him onstage (WHY?!) This was one tragic performace…but shockingly I couldn’t turn away. Like a car accident or watching a mental breakdown. Never have to see that foolishness again though.

3. Big Boi & Yela Woulf-“You Ain’t No DJ”-Maaaanye Shawty!!! Clearly biased (Outkast is my FAV of ALL TIME) but those two slayed their performance which featured 3 DJs and authentic dope MCing. Hands down my favorite of the night!!!

The true highlight of the show were the rap cyphers with some of the best-non-commercial MC’s in the game! All were nice (seriously) but I got excited to see Atown heavily represent as Diamond, Cyhi Da Prince, Royce-Da-5-9, and Yela Woulf (I’m claiming him-Bible Belt luv) were definite standouts. The cyphers featuring Ice Cube and sons, and Reverend Run and sons was classic, and the end set with Kanye and his 50’s era Sinatra suited GOOD Music team was beastly!
Salt-N-Peppa were this year’s “I Am Hip Hop” Honorees, and though all three group members were present and spoke briefly at the podium, I couldn’t help but feel that they were robbed. The all-time greatest female group in hip-hop and not even a tribute set or a live performance from the icons??!! They were given more reverence at their Mo’Nique Show appearance (Aired Monday night). Nikki Minaj was in the building…not one of her personalities could pay homage to the group? B.O.B. closed the show with an emo-filled, guitar-strapped performance of “Dont Let Me Fall”. *snooze* Apologies… I don’t always get B.O.B., but this performance was the nail in the coffin. *Keyshia Cole Voice* “I just want it to be OVER!!” After two wasted hours, finally, it was.

The entire show felt rather bootleg (per usual), stale and sad. It’s 2010 and there was nothing fresh or innovative about the jokes, show organization, or segments with the exception of the cypher set (which started last year). I would hope that the show would grow, aim for breaking new media ground as hip-hop is an organic and constantly evolving genre. No such luck with this year’s show however. If interested, a complete listing of the winners, though Jay-Z didn’t bother to show up. Surprise. Many followed his lead it seamed. Smh.




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  1. You hit the nail on the head, and your commentary is as clear as any I have read today. Throughout the show, I kept switching to Teen Mom, something about the lives of four white women, being more interesting than a HIP HOP award show, makes me feel guilty, but hey MTV knows hot to entertain lol.

    So I am guessing Rick Ross loss the lawsuit? His new name or slogan or whatever you want to call it, not working for me. Diddy? Blah. I was excited to see MC Hammer because he’s like Santa Clause to me, I loved that mans videos growing up and I still think his behind the music is the all time best.

    Wacka Flocka was giving me Bone Crusher light last night. Is he really functionally illiterate?

    I love Big Boi and Outkast is my favorite hip hop group as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Just wish he cared for better promotion but he’s borderline indie now.

    Definitely do not appreciate Salt N Pepa not being honored more fittingly. No one is gonna convince me that Khia wasn’t willing or able to perform! (Queen Khia Shamone for president lol.

    Great post love!

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