One GIANT Step For Black Girls EVERYWHERE!!!

Little Black girls everywhere can sing a new song! Everyone’s favorite childhood television program Sesame Street has a new puppet that sings “I Love My Hair!” The song, link originally posted on, encourages  love and pride in hair, no matter the texture, length or style. Way to teach lil’ Black girls to hug and love themselves at such a young age, an early counterexample to the abundance of messages that promote otherwise. Sesame Street, shown in homes across the globe, is working to promote respect, beauty, and appreciation for all races and ethnicities. Hopefully more affirming messages of self-love as opposed to assimilation to traditional (perceived) standards of beauty are taught, so young women comprehend their natural beauty and strength at earlier ages. I’m truly loving this baby-trend of brown girls paying homage to their beautiful coils. From Willow Smith’s infectious pop anthem “Whip My Hair” to this latest muppet sing-a-long, let it echo that Brown is beautiful!!




About Dawnavette

A Modern Renaissance Woman passionate about writing, women's issues, race relations, pop culture and music.

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  1. I love it!!!!

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