A New Year, New Resolutions!

Happy New Year luvs!!! 2010 has come and gone and a new decade has arrived! I couldn’t be more excited as 2010 was one of theeee hardest years of my life, filled with disappointments, heart aches  and numerous lessons, but I’d like to think I’m a bit stronger for it. Bring on a new day with fresh opportunities to be your best self! This is my mantra at least, and this year  I plan to make an honest effort at following through with life changes, documenting many of them on Vitamin D as to further hold myself accountable. I welcome feedback and commentary per usual (it’s still Vitamin D) so, in the spirit of setting resolutions below are a few of my “mind and body” goals.

Focus On Physical Health– No, I don’t have a sob story about obesity but even the “slim & sexy” should pay attention to physical health and strength, it matters not the jean size. As my twenty-sexxy years *cough* skip away, a personal goal is to increase muscle tone and natural energy. Whatever your fitness goals, it helps to share with others, an additional motivator! Check out FierceFitFab, a fitness forum primarily for women and founded by @MissJia, or seek out a personal trainer to stay on-track with January’s goals come spring.

Heightened Commitment to Pescetarian Living– A pescetarian for about two years now, this third year I want to take it to a new level. I originally changed my eating patterns because I’ve never been thrilled about chewing a steak and then I read the Skinny Bitch book series (adore). This time around, no cheating (vegetables that have been soaked in pig carcass), more cooking (grocery shopping, recipes, and time in the kitchen), and making an effort to ditch unhealthy (read fatty for no reason) foods. With all of the health scares, birds falling from the skies, and increase in gas prices… if I can treat my body as a healthy temple and save money by dining in, it’s a win-win!!

Amping Commitment and Executions Towards Passions– 2010 gave me plenty of time to consider what I am truly passionate about. The things I would love to do no matter the pay or accolades, and I have (finally) decided to put all my energy towards achieving my dreams. Overstood that setbacks and failures will surely come, but security in the bigger vision should anchor you through the hard times. If you haven’t taken time to find what drives or stimulates your soul… I highly suggest  you do. Try to carve space throughout your days to focus on your dreams, and take an assessment after a month… then again after three months. The results should shock into a routine….and eventually a major accomplishment! Well, that’s the idea at least (smile). Consider reading inspirational biographies/autobiographies and visiting positive websites like MisterLevius.com, an inspirational site for all based on a young man following his dreams around the globe.

Reinvention (At Least Once)– Far too often many of us get become set in a physical rut, rarely changing our “look” or remaining stagnant in a particular environment. Last year I was guilty, loyal to a low-key look attributed partly to my emotional funk, but the new year brings fresh creativity! Reflect inner change and confidence on the outside through wardrobe, a poppin’ eyeliner, new shoe or new hair style. Changing the scenery around you is helpful too, so plan a getaway that is within your budget to support a new outlook on life. What are some of your resolutions? Have you started making changes, having a hard time getting started or staying motivated? Remember each day is a new opportunity so never be scared to be yourself… you’re the most qualified!! Here’s to making the most out of 2011 *raises Champaign glass*!




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A Modern Renaissance Woman passionate about writing, women's issues, race relations, pop culture and music.

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