Last night the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards, were held in Los Angeles. The best in film and television programming won big and Ricky Gervais’ returned as host; his raunchy, direct, and often offensive humor offended most in attendance though hysterical to watch! Chris Colfer (Kurt from FOX’s smash “Glee”) took home Best Supporting Actor and delivered an emotional speech about acceptance that moistened the eyes of many watching. Robert Downey Jr. may be considered for next year’s hosting gig as he stole the show when presenting the award for Best Actress In A Comedy or Musical. A newly cancer-free Michael Douglas was the surprise presenter for the night, and warmly received by the audience with a standing ovation and applause. The “Wrap It UP B!” Soundtrack (orchestra music played to signal end of thank-you speeches) played more often and annoyingly than usual, cutting off several important speeches. Here is a complete list of winners , but what you really care about is the fashion! Below are my top picks of the night: 

 Top 5 BEST Dressed:

 5. Anne Hathaway– in Giorgio Armani- the column gown, copper sparkle and down-to-there open back, solidified Anne as THE fashion plate who can wear it all while looking refreshingly like herself. So impressed… the whole look was SICK. (S/O to Rachel Zoe!)

4. Angelina Jolie– Atelier Versace- Effortlessly stunning, per usual. She hit the carpet and Shut. It. DOWN.

3. Claire Danes– Calvin Klein- The highlighter-fuscia color and modern elegance made her figure and skin the highlight. Perfect gown for an acceptance speech!

2. Leighton Meester– Burberry – I know. Many HATED this look, but they’re missing the understated elegance of the long sleeves, light fabric, and sexy front slit that was. That. Dress?!! She is always ahead of the fashion curve and next year starlets will be replicating. WERK Blair!! lol

1. Emma Stone– Calvin Klein   The sleek silhouette, sexy open-back, and ah-mazing coral colored gown screamed fresh and modern elegance! The color worked with her skin tone and blonde hair color (Hello Spiderman!) bringing out Stone’s striking facial features and making her unforgettable.










5. January Jones– Versace Overstood she took a sexy risk on a relatively safe night in fashion. However, only women with curves should rock Versace, and January has none.

4. J. Lo– in Suhair Murad- OH NO!! The nerve of this A-lister to show up in a bedazzled bee netting and a neckline similar to the 2003 Valentino Oscar gown she rocked during her “Bennifer” days. Woman, please SITDOWN.



3. Heidi Klum-???!?- Did she dress in the dark?!?! This look was so wrong… yet Heidi is usually so right. SMDH


2. Halle Berry– Nina Ricci – There’s never an excuse for an A-list, Oscar-winning actress to look like she forgot to get dressed before the Globes?! Side boobage was spilling out of the bodice and the dressed looked past cheap. Like RAINBOW clearance bin cheap. Horrific.



1. Michelle Williams – Too awful to print – There are few words for this disaster. Instead, photographic evidence. SMDH.

   Honorable best-dressed mentions go to Kyra Sedgewick, Michelle Phiffer, Catherine Zeta Jones, Mila Kunis, and Eva Longoria.  All of their dresses were flattering and age-appropriate. Honorable worst-dressed mentions go to Helena  Bohnam Carter, ALWAYS looking like a character in a Tim Burton movie (at least she owns it), Christina Hendrix looking bloated and 4 seasons off-trend, and Natalie Portman in Viktor & Rolf. Normally perfection, Natalie was the face of charitable maternity dressing last night-it was not flattering. Also, I was one of the few who took issue with Sophia Vergara’s overstyled satin Vera Wang, for with all those natural curves, what she really needed was a simple silhouette. Overall few stars took fashion risks as many of the hair styles, gown shapes, and even color schemes appeared as though the stylists had a collective meeting before the event. The Golden Globes always gets me excited for Award season, we’ve still got the SAG Awards and the Oscars!! *Swoon* What were some of your favorite highlights? Fashion hits or misses?



***All photos credits Merrit/Getty images from NY Daily News —-Check them out for the complete Red Carpet Gallery***


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  1. Good read,though i didnt watch it, you gave some good “visuals” for the mind

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