The GAME- “The Confession” Episode Recap & Milk and Honey

The GAME courtesy of BET
The GAME courtesy of BET

  BET’s ” The GAME’s” 2nd episode of season 4 “The Confession” … was a choppy let down from last week’s hyped bigger-than-life debut. Twitter was eerily quiet leading up to the show, but certainly popped with commentary during the half-hour run.  It began with Tasha Mack having a nightmare about Kelly Pitts stalking her for a rematch of their fight from 2 years ago, and Tasha wakes visibly shook. Seriously? What part of Tasha’s character familiar to the audience, plays on fear of “dirty-@$$ white girl” Kelly?  From that moment on, I sadly realized this episode would not be my favorite. Kelly and Tasha finally make up after 2 years of not speaking (my FAV part of the show). Reuniting the ladies was a warming throwback of seasons past, but the warm and fuzzies are short-lived when Kelly’s reality show crew refused to stop shooting (at Melanie’s home) while Melanie whined about Derwin. Kelly’s resolution: have the trio talk topless. That’s right, the ladies remove their tops as the audience suffered through dialogue. Completely unwarranted and unbelievable, and yet another sign “the Game” has changed. 

        Jason Pitts, now released from his beloved Sabers, is not handling the darkened spotlight well. In addition to badmouthing his teammates on-air, he throws a retirement party that is scarcely attended, and further embarrasses himself with an auto-tuned song called the “Dip & Pitts.” *Fingers to temple* Easily the most awkward and unnecessary scene of the night, not even the looped laugh track could ease the pain of watching. The Jason of old was witty, frugal and prideful, but he was never that corny. The final plot development was Derwin issuing GirlMelanie a dual ultimatum if he was to remain in their marriage (HUNH?). Melanie must attend church every Sunday, and is never to speak of Janay and baby DJ as “that’s my business-not yours!” Pause. The entire paternity ordeal could have been avoided 2 seasons ago had Derwin demanded a DNA test – a major point Malik brought to light. Yes, it appears that Malik has the best lines and character development thus far, entertaining as both the @**hole and voice of reason. As they’re married, why in the world would a husband have an “off-limits” demand when dealing with his child and baby’s mother?? #WhattheJoeJacksonHell?! For the record… even regular church attendees fall short of Glory… cue Bishop Eddie Long footage.

         Of course I’ll continue to watch and recap the GAME as I was an initial huge fan and support decent Black television, however, the love affair is slowly dying. What did you think of the second episode?  In case you missed it: ( 

MORE in Black Television: 
    Brown Paper Dolls, a multimedia production company founded by Asha Kamali May, Dana Gills, and Jeanette McDuffie (all  HBCU grads – Howard, Spelman & FAMU)  released a trailer of their new series “Milk and Honey” executive produced by Idris Elba. The YBF was privy to the exclusive photos and trailer featuring Lance Gross, Debbie Allen, and Bryce Wilson, among others. Committed to bringing authentic stories to the forefront, “Milk and Honey”  is a dramedy web and tv series that will (hopefully) find permanent residence at a commercial network. Support these young women making power moves and stay on the lookout for “Milk and Honey” the series. **View Trailer HERE** 



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