The GAME -“The Wing King” Recap

Melanie & Derwin Source: LA Times

Melanie & Derwin Source: LA Times

    This week’s the Game  episode “The Wing King” focused on Malik’s spiral out-of-control, and Melanie’s shallow insecurities living the “dream” as a football wife. Malik continues to push everyone away, and is forced to search for a new assistant as TT quit. Utilizing his resources, he finds an assistant in a groupie with the business sense and professionalism of a kindergartener. TT returns to assist the “new girl” and hopes Malik will apologize for sleeping with his girlfriend and treating TT like dog shyt on a Jordan. Too much like right, because Malik laughed off TT’s monologue (poorly acted I must say) and continued down his shame spiral. Predictably… Malik decides to drive post pill and alcohol binge and is arrested. Yes, there is even a Malik Wright mug-shot a-la Adam “Pacman” Jones (or your favorite pro athlete in trouble with the law).                  

     Melanie, fresh from her DNA blunder, is working super-hard to be the best NFL wife ever and now leading the Sunbeams. A role once dominated (Season 1-2) by Kelly Pitts, she is over-eager to host a Career-Day Charity Event for young women and picks herself to speak to the youth. She shuns willing Sunbeam and former video model, Jazz (Tae Hackard), from speaking because of her sketchy past and “hoodrat” behavior (she slept with Derwin back in the day). When Melanie’s repeated attempts to play Jazz blow up in her face, Jazz delivers a cool and sassy monologue forcing Melanie to eat her words and ask for a booty-clap lesson. Tasha Mac (predictably) tried to drive the point home with the most memorable line: “We all got here the same way, either giving up the cooch, or pushing someone out of the cooch!” Pause. Wait. Whaaa?!?! Assuming Jazz’s character was an attempt to showcase the hypocrisy of judging another woman for exploitation in music videos, if the result is living a posh lifestyle as a football wife like GirlMelanie, they missed the mark a bit. The “lesson” centered around “Career Day” for underprivileged youth, and in that instance one shouldn’t encourage mimicking the “careers” of video vixens like Karrine Steffans. Also, it was slightly offensive that Jazz’s character was “hood” and brought stereotypical snacks for her refreshment duties such as Now-&-Laters, pickles and ranch Doritos, and that only the Black youth wanted to hear what she had to say. The young white girls remained seated (roll the footage). The mixed messages were rather irritating as the GAME was known for intelligent spins on issues such as this, yet this episode fell flat. 

        I’m still hanging in there, but decidedly underwhelmed. Overall the laughs are harder to come by and much of the interaction between GirlMelanie and Derwin seems forced-maybe a loss of chemistry shared in the past.  The last but most important issue I found with Tuesday’s run was that BET made no attempt to run the show at a later time as the POTUS gave the State Of The Union Address?! #WhattheJoeJacksonHell?!? Why didn’t BET run the SOTU like every other channel?! Most Americans, as they should have been, were tuned into SOTU coverage. BET… do better. It’s embarrassing. What did you think?                                      **Link to view this week’s episode**




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