The GAME Recap: “It Was All Good Just A Week Ago”

BET's The GAME Source:BET

Season 4, Episode 4- "It Was All Good Just A Week Ago"

              Last night’s episode of BET’s The GAME, focused solely on Malik’s continued spiral out of control and showcased how  family and friends deal with his low period. Malik’s character has now alienated his best friend TT, is no longer the star quarterback of the Sabers, and fresh off a drunk driving arrest and police officer assault charge splashed throughout the media. Wow. Any of this sound familiar? Tasha Mack rushes to Malik’s aid to offer “support,” but the genuine moment lasts but 2 min. as she quickly switches on her “manager hat” *rolls eyes* to look out for Derwin’s well-being. That’s right, Derwin is Tasha’s star client now and her primary focus, in spite of the speech and act given to Malik. Tasha goes so far as to advise Derwin to stay away from Malik for fear of hurting the mega-brand (flash to the exaggerated NIKE commercial spoof). This same “save yourself” sentiment is echoed by the increasingly shallow and annoying Girl Melanie, who is dripping with free swag. Jason Pitts, still awkwardly in scenes though he’s no longer on the Sabers’ team, uses Malik’s downfall to further his sports castor aspirations and does not show genuine support either. What becomes painfully obvious is that Malik’s character does have a problem and must do some drastic PR spin to hold on to any of his remaining Sabers contract money. Who is the voice of reason?? Wait for it… Meagan Good’s character “Parker.”  The trifling wife had the most moral character this episode displaying heartfelt concern that Malik would end up a statistic unless he places himself in rehab. So that’s just what he does… however the ending scene -Malik’s press conference – was quite sad. NONE of his friends showed though he asked for their support… and Tasha appeared to be there begrudgingly, though she hugged for the cameras. 

*Cue the violins*

       I appreciated that the writers remained true to many ESPN/news headlines showcasing the fall of the “great” athlete. Many can empathize with having it all… then loosing it all and “friends” once attached at the hip become ghost like Swayze. What I didn’t appreciate was the poor morale of Tasha, Melanie, Derwin and Jason in relation to Malik, and the lack of development behind their new position. TT’s isolation was explained. The rest of the GAME gang just *poof* are now the definition of shallow, self-absorbed characters concerned with protecting their personal empires. That was not how they were introduced, (particularly Derwin & Melanie) so can the audience get some explanation?? A better storyline at least? What about scrapping  that daum laugh track?? And #WhereintheJoeJacksonHell is Kelly?!?!

What did you think? **In Case You Missed It: Watch here- Soucre:**




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