Must See Movie:The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau

 Last night I attended a preview screening of the Universal release, The Adjustment Bureau starring Matt Damon, Anthony Mackie, and Emily Blunt. Sponsored by Liquid Soul Media, audiences crowded Atlanta’s Regal’s Atlantic Station location to view the thriller that questions fate vs. free will. A thrilling twist on the ultimate love story,

Damon plays a young politician on the road to success, until a chance meeting with the love of his life (Blunt) makes him stop at nothing for true love. Makie plays a key member of the Adjustment Bureau that grapples with intervening with fate to support free will. Fast-paced with great special effects, the film questions morality, and the power or choices we have in the midst of living a life pre-destined. Or is it?

Post film was a Q &A session with director George Nolfi, star Anthony Mackie, and Bishop Paul S. Morton. The director emphasized that the film was not intended as a faith-based film, but always designed to question our roles as free agents. Cleverly acted, written, and directed (directorial debut), we throughly enjoyed.  Thanks so much to everyone at Liquid Soul Media for great seats and popcorn! Everyone go support the film on March 4, 2011 guaranteed great time!    Rating:  B+  




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