This Week in YT Privilege: Scholarships & Charlie Sheen

A non-profit group in Texas, Former Majority Association for Equality (FAME), recently announced issuing a scholarship for white-males only. That’s right. With the minority population steady on the rise (it’s Texas), this organization wishes to ensure “equal opportunity” for white males with a 3.0 GPA as some feel “left out” when applying for financial aid. The group denies any affiliations to other hate-goups or political parties across the country *side eye*, and states that their concern is very valid. If America wasn’t founded on the labor of minorities who suffered horrific and irreparable treatment with no reciprocity, I could possibly pretend to care about their racist points touted as “logic.” The ruling class of white man that enslaved a race of people and institutionalized racism, feels at risk of un-equal education. Only in America.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

The land of the free is also famous for promoting and rewarding the offensive, morally inept, or even criminal behavior of white public figures (i.e. rich/wealthy). However, if a minority, particularly a Black American, were to behave in any way similar, their consequence never ends as favorably (hell, at all) like most white citizens. Consider the allotments made for the delusional Charlie Sheen. Known for his acting skills, intense drug use and sex addiction, Sheen has had a series of public melt-downs, but making $2 million an episode, he remains the highest paid television actor on CBS’ “Two and a half Men.” Producers of the show have demanded an intervention, rehab, then shut down the show for the remaining season as interview clips circulated from  GMA, Today, CNN and TMZ where Sheen appeared higher than a giraffe. His publicist quit, family can’t get through to him, and…he now has a Twitter account- with over 300,000 followers. *fingers to temple* Throughout this series of train wrecks, media never misses the opportunity to capitalize, showcasing the latest #WIN (“Sheen” term) to a public obsessed with Sheen-news. Only the white man could have all this power… right??

Consider this, a reason “regular” folks (working class), minorities, and Blacks in particular, are excited by Charlie Sheen could be the fact that he’s not really a white man. Perhaps the draw is white privilege, and the allure to live vicariously through Sheen. Carlos Irwin Estevez uses “Charlie Sheen” as his stage name (assimilation), and is in fact a Latino American. He never denies this fact, but Hollywood has shown Sheen favor as though he were white throughout the years. Surely Carlos Estevez wilding out on set and in his personal life would not have the wealth, access, or luxury to do whateverthehell you want, adult teeth be damned! Powerfully influential, white privilege can be witnessed throughout most aspects of American life, as it influences legislation, education, careers and media. The mentality that would allot for a whites-only scholarship is the same that encourages a talented “white” actor by paying him more than his worth, ignoring the sabotage of his career, family and self, fire him, then make more money profiting from his breakdown. Along the ride Sheen has been giving his middle finger, so maybe the joke is on the rest of America to realize he’s already figured it out. It’s white privilege, and he’s WINNING.




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  1. Awesome piece. Shoot these links out! Share w/ the world, homey.

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