Hip Hop Icon Nate Dogg Dies at 41

Nate Dogg (photo:Hip Hop DX

Nate Dogg (photo:Hip Hop DX)

Around 2 AM, the word spread like wildfire on Twitter confirming that the legendary voice of the West Coast G-Funk Era, Nate Dogg passed away.  Reports are that Nathaniel Dwayne Hale passed on March 15, 2011 from undisclosed causes. He allegedly had a history of strokes and poor health. Born and raised in Long Beach California, the hook-slayer began singing in the church choir, then formed the group 213 with his best friend Snoop Dogg and cousin Warren G. After chart-topping singles with Dr. Dre on The Chronic, he signed to Death Row records solidifying his place in hip hop history.

I can remember hearing “Regulators” for the first time on MTV in the 6th grade, and instantly memorizing the classic hook. I fell in love with the original tone, blend of hard lyrics and amazing melody, a combination of pure vocal skill that was Nate Dogg’s singing. Persuading my MA to take me to “Peach’s” record store, I bought my first “explicit content” CD. The fact I can recall the moment of listener impact verifies how influential Nate Dogg was to hip hop fans, and myself, and attests to how much he will be missed by his many fans and friends in the industry. Things have changed in the rap game in the over 17 years since Nate Dogg arrived, and there will never be another St. Ides-smooth vocal on a hook that can rival his. He was an icon of my adolescence which was filled with music. What was your favorite Nate Dogg memory? Rest in peace, and Vitamin D sends condolences to all of the friends and family of Nate Dogg during this time.




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  1. I can remember when I first heard the Fabolous hit “You Cant Deny It” with Nate Dogg rocking the hook at Dream in DC. The dance floor went crazy and Fab hadnt said a word. Not to mention how the hand go up in the air whe you hear the infamous “Hold up, Hey” sang by Nate on “The Next Episode” by Doctor Dre on Chronic 2001. If rappers are the filling, Nate was the crust that created the perfect blend to every collaboration he’s done. Rest well Nate.

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