Self Control, Meet Chris Brown

Brown & Roberts (GMA)

Brown & Roberts (GMA)

Chris Brown’s alleged outburst at Good Morning America Tuesday was a direct lesson in lack-of self-control.  Self control is defined as the ability to control one’s emotions, behavior, and desires in order to obtain some reward later, and is the capacity of efficient management to the future. Exerting self-control through the executive functions in decision-making is thought to deplete a resource in the ego.

The latest in a series of questionable behaviors displayed by Brown, the tantrum and broken window were not the best decisions the day of the album release. Though no formal charges were pressed, and he was invited to return to GMA to “discuss” the events (ratings boost), Brown will never draw the same lucrative buzz as the antics of Charlie Sheen for example (covered in a previous post). Brown, a young Black man with a criminal record and peroxide fade, allegedly participated in would-be criminal mischief at the GMA studios. In our post-racial society little has changed surrounding race, gender, and economic status’ as the great dividers and double-standard perpetrators, and honestly, that’s not the point. Just covering basic facts I feel Chris Brown’s team should know thus providing him with effective life skills, particularly self-control. In the least, there should be no shock at the fact millions will forever link Brown to the Rhianna beating incident and pose questions around it for the duration of his career. Duh. *Face palm*

It is rather telling of Browns’ ego that his pattern of public outbursts is followed by blaming others then rallying support from his #TeamBreezy (bka psycho STANS) fans. To rant on Twitter, remember “homo” rant, and “they’re trying to sabatoge my sales” rant, as opposed to strategizing with a qualified publicist and manager, suggest questionable mental stability. Browns’ end goal post all the promo tours and publicity stunts is to sell records. An amazing artist/performer, he seems to forget his end “reward” is based on public opinion and buying power. Blaming the media, specifically Robin Roberts for provoking any response other than civil to a question regarding a public arrest is a juvenile deflection. Robin Roberts’ job, and the job of most media personalities, is to ask provocative questions that elicit new information or a reaction, as they produce ratings. THIS is how media continues to make money off of Chris Brown. Trust the network media checks are far larger than the first week sales for the F.A.M.E. album. Had he practiced self-control, those numbers could have rivaled Lady GaGa.

See, sensationalism requires controversy in order to gain attention, and had Brown just remained cool, as indicated during the interview footage, there would be no hype to speculate over or speak negatively about. Brown’s flawless performance should have been the only thing memorable- leaving fans thirsty for more talent. Instead, what may or may not have happened after the GMA taping is yet another instance where lack of self-control hurt his brand. Which ultimately affects his future, yet Brown’s ego remains inflated preventing effective decision-making. It comes back to the lack of self-control. Even the deep consideration for Browns’ life of abuse, public scrutiny, and now questionable appearance (SisQo hair) become a non-issue after series of public outbursts from an adult Chris Brown. He does not need defending, coddling, or to be placed in a room without furniture bolted securely to the floor (I kid), but counseling. Making sure Chris can keep his issues in check should be his team’s sole focus, especially when promoting projects. Brown’s career depends on his ability to exhibit self-control, and can be a lesson for us all. When life gets hard  in the real world, and it often does, remember Black folks get arrested on-site when imitating the incredible Hulk (or trying to “fuck with Hollywood  Court.”**).

**Outkast reference





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  1. Great way to sum up this situation. Unfortunately, he has to realize he won’t get the Charlie Sheen pass for a number of reason. I definitely see both sides (it has been two years and two album cycles and they’re still asking the same damn questions), but at the end of the day, we are the only ones to blame when self-control is lost.

  2. I agree with you. I think that money doesn’t equate to self composure. At times, I think people overlook that and assume a publicist or money will give you that composure. Nope. That’s an internal and external learned skill that is precious.
    But in the hood remedy of things…..where was his mama? She should of hopped up on that stage and said,” Hold up? Don’t ask my son that…or that or that oh yeah and surely not that?” Ha ha ….no really though where was his mama? lol

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