Jumping The Broom-Cute & Questionable

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Jumping The Broom is the romantic comedy directed by Salim Akil (Girlfriends) about a Black couple’s wedding weekend in Martha’s Vineyard blending families from different socioeconomic backgrounds. The much-hyped film opened at #3 in the box office, an outstanding debut for a film written, produced, and promoted by and to US. A fresh change from the popular but sadly stereotypical media images as of late, the casting, cinematography and comedic timing of the actors were great. Several points throughout the film however, I wanted much more though it is a light-hearted comedy. After being starved for more accurately diverse images of US in media, I probably expected too much from this effort. So, I watched, enjoyed, over-analyzed and present:      10 Questionable Questions For “Jumping The Broom”

10. Why did Jason Taylor’s character (Laz Alonzo) that worked in Manhattan never take his new fiance to meet his mother (Loretta Divine) that resides in Brooklyn, simply a borough away?? No. Seriously. That was weak (See #2).

9. How hilarious was the rehearsal dinner scene? The best part of the film IMO as the character dynamic and interaction provided laughs (say you didn’t when Aunt Geneva sang at the piano-tears) and drama (Angela Bassett & Loretta Divine for the WIN). The scene set up perfect plot development to discuss issues and perceptions of class amongst Blacks in America, but the film took an entirely different route. Meh.

8.  Why did T.D. Jakes (film producer) find it necessary to also star in the film, making the audience suffer through his irritating lisp and cameo?

7. Why is Meagan Good forever playing the vixen?? This was yet another film where her character is one-dimensional (gorgeous woman with oodles of sex appeal /serious issues with men) but I rooted for her due to the acting. How I wished the storyline developed with she and the “Chef” (the delicious Gary Dourdan) examining the high demands Black Women often place on Black men, but it didn’t. Just an almost sex-scene in the kitchen. Double Meh.

6. Why didn’t the chocolate woman (Bridesmaid #2) have more speaking roles, or character development past getting insulted based on her skin-tone? An opportunity to discuss color complex issues, but the film did not. Her character just threw a drink at the ignorant Brother.

5. WHAT was the significance of the Cicely Tyson knockoff character? The old woman with the “ghetto” line, who simply shuffled and served aimlessly? Thought she would offer words of wisdom instead of waste camera time.

4. What was the significance of Pooch Hall’s character? The Best Man/co-worker with the corny lines and ridiculous shirt? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

3. Why didn’t anyone curse out Loretta Divine’s character? In reality, she wouldn’t have gotten away with half of that foolishness without intense pushback. I wanted more. Which leads me to…

2. WHY was Laz Alonzo’s character such. A. Coward?? What began as endearing and sensitive character traits became corny and annoying towards the end. I fought myself from screaming, “Man UP?!” at the screen several times. MEH.

1. HOW awkward was that kiss between Romeo & Tasha Smith’s character?? Just wait for it, and cringe.

In spite of my jokes, the movie is very cute. It was great to view images of US that didn’t involve Maury-level dysfunction, cursing, or crossdressing for laughs and exploitation. Jumping The Broom blended several plots and was a solid contribution to the Black feel-good movie vault. Make sure you support the film!!! Thoughts?




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