Q: Who Runs The World? A: Beyaki

In case you were hiding under the world’s largest rock, Beyoncé debuted the video for “Run The World [Girls]” last night on

"4" Album Artwork

"4" Album Artwork

American Idol. The 1st single from her upcoming fourth album “4” , buzz was anything but positive with a debut at #35 on the Billboard charts. Her marketing team stuck with a slow build however, leaking video teasers to fans on the Internet. Leave it to the power of performance and stunning visuals to remind the world that Beyoncé is the official queen of pop.

Now, Beyaki stan I am not (Details on another post), but she makes you respect her artistry as NO one outshines her when performing. No one. She snatches the wigs off of your favorite pop tart on their best day with a toss of her lacefront giving 150% every. Time. This offering provides no groundbreaking messaging in lyrics or video, but she SERVES choreographed sex and the gratuity is included honey. From the army of women gyrating to military drums, to the riot-police with a tounge-in-cheek reminder of her power. The wind machines perfectly accented the royal (albeit dramatic) return of Beyoncé.

She also showed out an appearance/performance this week for Queen Oprah’s final show tapings and photos were spotted all over the internet. Meanwhile, former frenemy bandmate Kelly Rowland’s single “Motivation” was holding fast to “hit single” status (I blame the production). Not to fear, now that everyone and their mama is looping the “Girls” video, I predict Kelly will soon be eclipsed. *le sigh* Marsha, Masha, Marsha!!! B really does run the world. Watch Queen B’s interpretation & post your thoughts. 🙂




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