SNL: Timberlake & Lady GaGa SLAYED

Saturday was the season finale of NBC’s iconic staple Saturday Night Live, and they closed out like champs. Hosted by the hilarious and multi-talented Justin Timberlake, and musical guest/star Lady GaGa *swoon* the episode was easily one of the funniest. In. YEARS. Kicked off with the sketch “Liquorville”- Timberlake & GaGa upstage the typical marketing mascot.

In the FUNNIEST digital short since “Dick In A Box,” Timberlake, Andy Sandburg and Lady GaGa sang “Three-way” I literally had tears in my eyes. If this doesn’t get an Emmy nod…

Later SNL Alum & comedian Jimmy Fallon made a guest appearance reprising his “Barry Gibb” role (check Keenan as “Roland Martin”- he just needed an Ascot).

Lady GaGa performed “The Edge Of Glory”, “Judas” and “Born This Way” incorporating her eccentric outfits, choreography, and performance art. Debuting a preggers (fake) costume and streaming glitter from Mother Monster’s birth canal, say what you will about her antics – the woman has some amazing vocals. No one can deny that SNL knocked it out of the park, and here’s hoping next season is just as funny. Maybe they should pay more attention to “Black Twitter.” I KID!!




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