Billboard Awards 2011: A WrapUp

Sunday night live from Las Vegas marked the return of the Billboard Awards, after a (4) year tv hiatus. The highlight was honoring Beyoncé for a Billboard Millenium Award (not sure if they made this up for Queen Bey, but still). Billboard gathered a bevy of celebrities including Michelle Obama, Stevie Wonder, Bono and Barbara Streisand to testify on the global goodness that is Beyaki. Immediately after the montage, Beyoncé shut. It. DOWN with a stunning visual performance of “Run The World [Girls].” :

Even if you HATE Beyoncé there’s NO denying her performances are amazeballs?!!! I mist every time it’s played, and yes that’s been more than 5.

Other Note-Worthy Performances:

Rhianna – who slayed in an all-white suit from Max Azaria. Winner of (2) awards, she was such a drunken cutie when giving her speech.

Ke$ha – believe it or not, she actually did  a decent job ending her set humping a glitter-filled cannon. Whatever keeps the kids attention… at least she stayed close to key.

Cee-Lo – “Black Twitter” labeled him the 2011 Black Liberace, and he lived up to the name funked up and blinged out alongside his matching piano. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous once the platform, Cee-Lo & baby grand, spun 360° in air, but he pulled it off! If only Goodie Mobb showed up at the end…

Noteworthy Fails:

Pretty much every other aspect of the show was sleep-inducing. Host Ken Jeong from Hangover and Community fame was the worst trying way too hard with outdated and corny jokes. Britney Spears made (2) performance appearances though she really shouldn’t have. She no longer dances, nor sings so its akin to watching a mannequin now. RIP to “Britney Bitch,” she was everything 10 years ago. Nicki Minaj’s performance felt awkward and forced as though her ass is the main attraction, she has zero stage presence and the wardrobe options from Rainbow. A truly boring set. Everyone else (Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban & Far East Movement) were simply…meh. What did you think? Till next awards show kids… *Does Beyaki shoulder bounce*




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  1. I agree about most of your views, however, I must add that I love Rihanna but the subtraction to her performance came in the white name of Brittany. I think the whole song was ruined and she was a crazed monkey on stage right along with Brittany. Horrifying!

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