Oprah’s “Surprise” Show: A Morehouse Guest Account

"Top Flight, Craig."

The Oprah Winfrey Show has been a weekday staple for 25 years in the majority of American households. This season has been epic because, as everyone knows, it is Queen Oprah’s last. Hundreds have had the honor to appear as a guest on the beloved show, but what a treat to be invited for one of the final tapings?!?! That exact opportunity came for Rob Williams, a Morehouse College graduate c/o 2006 (and my homie), and he kindly shared details of the three-day whirlwind with VitaminD. After days of silence post-return courtesy of Harpo’s legal team and waivers, here’s an account of Rob’s self-described “life-changing” experience. 🙂

LIVE from Final Taping

Over a month ago, an email was sent from Oprah show producers reaching out to all Morehouse College graduates that received an Oprah Winfrey scholarship in the last 20 years. Their featured segment of scholastic success accounts for a large portion of the (estimated) $12 million in funding given by Oprah to Morehouse College over time. About 250 men responded, were flown from all parts of the country to Chicago, IL and given individual rooms at the Marriott overlooking the “Magnificent Mile” (swag) last Monday.  The “Surprise” episode was shot in the famous United Center, home to the Chicago Bulls, though hijakced during NBA playoffs to accomodate taping. Bawse. Day 1 began at 5:30 AM for (5) hours of rehursal, and directly following a full Kraft-service lunch complete with Garretts popcorn (swoon), show recording lasted for a day and a half.

No one complained however, as they were given official Harpo treatment including a behind the scenes tour of the Bulls headquarters and offices, and were on-stage with mega-stars like Will and Jada, Tom Hanks, Madonna, Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, and of course… Beyonce. The 2-day episode showcases a magical production maxed out with praise and testimonies from celebrities and regular folk about the power of Oprah show content. Rob said, “seeing the effect Oprah has on lives worldwide has inspired me to grind harder in my spheres of influence to be the change I want to see.” He continued, “It was great to be apart of something so big and to thank Oprah for all that she had unknowingly done to contribute to my growth and development.” Yet another example of helping others, and sewing seeds that benefit future generations courtesy of Mama Oprah.  

Another Atlanta homie, Will Moore, also appeared on the episode. Do you know other Morehouse Men that partcipated? Thank you again to Rob for taking time to tell the story, and be sure to tune in Tuesday for the second-to-last episode (ever) of Oprah!! *Eyes watering*

*Photos courtesy of @Bobby_Butter (R.Williams)




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