VH1’s Single Ladies: A Review

Photo: Quantrell Colbert

VH1's "SIngle Ladies"

“Single Ladies,” VH1’s scripted “romantic comedy series” debuted Sunday night in a 2-hour episode starring Stacy Dash, Lisa Raye McCoy, and Charity Shea, executive-produced by Queen Latifah. The premise: three women living in Atlanta, navigating tumultuous dating/sex lives with the attitude and confidence of a Beyaki single. However, stale acting and recycled scenarios with little comedy or romance, resulted in lukewarm reception.

Stacy Dash’s character Stacy Dash “Val” is dumped by her NBA asshole boyfriend of (5) years within the first 10 minutes of the show. Her rebound reactions include throwing herself into her business (boutique owner/stylist), buying a new car, and having unprotected “different” sex with a random white boutique patron and her sorry, dusty, ex-boyfriend. That’s right, both in the same time frame. A bastard fetus and (2) possible sperm donors are only temporary stresses as *poof* false alarm on the pregnancy! Stacy’s saving grace was her acting in spite of the script, and her fountain of youth skin (she’s 55 but looks 23).

Lisa Raye’s character Diamond “Kiesha” is a former/pt-time-when-the-money’s right video vixen, also hourly at Dash’s boutique (of course). Known for her sexual prowess and large ass, she juggles men like a circus act, but can’t stop stealing icy jewelry from video sets?!?? In the most confusing plotline, Lisa Raye is blackmailed by another “video vixen” played by Kim Porter  (Diddy’s Swag’s BabyMama. *Shudder*). Aside from unbearable delivery by Porter and Camron (WHY was he the featured rapper?!), the cat burglary was hard to take seriously. Very.

“April” (Charity Shea), the token white woman character is married to an affluent and doting Black man (of course) yet she is compelled to begin an affair with the Mayor of Atlanta, played by Common (a lesser-man’s Kasim *shrug*). Her character had the least development (and that’s saying a LOT) and other than her heaux-activity, audiences know little else about her privileged, sneaky, and wealthy lifestyle.

An obvious attempt at HBO’s Sex and the City relevance circa 2000, but more like a made-for-tv version of a popular “Urban” paperback – author fresh out of prison, the first episode shows no promise of an Emmy-littered future. Like many television offerings catering to US, this is devoid of realistic portrayals of Black women, but similar to a soap opera offers addictive, cheesy, appeal. Keeping all working elements in perspective, and that Black women deserve telenovela-type programming too, Single Ladies wasn’t so bad at all.  It’s better than the traditional, ratchet “reality” tv shows on the same network *Side Eye*  What did you think?




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  1. Okay, I had to bounce over here ’cause sometimes the 140-character limit is just too much. I’mma say it again, but I love your review–particularly for calling the show out for basing their lead characters on these thinly-veiled caricatures of shows and flicks from the past.

    It’s my main hope that the writing quickly gets stronger in terms of plot and pace, because I did not appreciate or identify with all the nonsense foolishness (e.g. the bastard fetus, jewelry thievery, Kim Porter). It’s possible to show grown women navigating their love lives with unabashed sass and such without behaving so irresponsibly.

    I also believe (or hope) that LisaRaye and Stacey Dash have been acting long enough to seize this opportunity and demonstrate that there’s more to their acting prowess than well-kept faces and bodies.

  2. Chris Jardine

    my girlfriend know someone in the cast..which is the only reason i had to watch this show last night.
    i found the editing boring, the script was corney and pridictable. I hope for the series sake it gets better when it is only an hour long.

  3. What can I say beyond, that after falling asleep on it last night….I caught the show online and was headed back to sleep. I am confused as to why all these black talents and seasoned individuals in the field and yet the best they can come up with is extending characters of roles they have already played and who let the white girl be the most successful one on the show….I mean she is having a good old time married to a black man and getting banged by a black mayor. What in the black women don’t catch a break is going on? (when the checks stop rolling in)

  4. I enjoyed the show. Finally an entertaining, night-time soap to look forward to watching on Monday evenings!

  5. Personally I enjoyed the show alot. It made me laugh & kept my interest. Although both Lisa and Stacey are in their forties, if they still have that sexual appeal and can show it off, then I say go for it. The show was great and i can’t wait until the knew one is aired. 🙂

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