BET Awards 2011: A WrapUp

It’s the time of year when Debra Lee calls Stevie Wonder’s stylist requesting the best sheath of humiliation and shame to walk the carpet…the BET Awards!!!  *Throws confetti*  No one will remember who was nominated, who won or why, but everyone will be discussing the hilarity and celebrities of the show! So let’s get to it!!!

Pre Show: Every time seems like a test run that just happened to make television, and this was no exception. Performances were from Eve & Swizz Beatz, Miguel- shockingly off-key, Lloyd sans backup dancers, choreography, and obvious budget, Lil’ Twist (Luucy, explain!) and Diggy Simmons. Marsha Ambrosious won the Centric Award, but not sure why this was relegated to pre-show taping. Karmin, YouTube’s white, engaged duo from Boston, were tapped to sing leading to/from commercial breaks. It felt like a Wayans comedy sketch come to life. Do people really accept these soul-less covers as music??

The LIVE Show:

Host Kevin Hart had audiences laughing with jokes about Jamie Foxx and Diddy (“Be GROWN!!”) but several of his sketches were slapstick and predictable (IMO) like his intro stepping with children, or dressing as a pint-sized rapper (haven’t we seen that already?). The funniest sketch was the “Real Husbands of Hollywood” a spin on everyone’s favorite reality tv foolishness!!


Mary J. Blige – Opened the show with a medley of hits from her “What’s The 411?” Days (meh) rocking a white jumpsuit and the original weave ponytail. It was all upstaged when she brought out MAMA ANITA BAKER and sang “Caught In The Rapture!!!!!” it was LIFE…but MJB wouldn’t stop singing…and then, kicked Anita off to bring out…Jadakiss?!?! The set went from sugar to shyt in 4 seconds with tragic results. Couldn’t watch the end.

Chris Brown– Say what you will about his life decisions or bedazzled crime mask and dusty-looking shorts as choice award attire, but he showed out during his performance. From the fashion forward suit selection and strong vocals on “She Ain’t You” to the insane choreography of “Look At Me Now,” his was the most entertaining set of the night!!

Kelly Rowland– In what had to be the best performance of her career (seriously, I can’t recall one time that matched) she sang her lil’ heart off! While rocking a full-coverage, black jumpsuit and full-coverage hat (somebody please return to the First Lady of the church), her Destiny’s Child-showmanship shined. She maintained through heavy choreography, riffs, ripping her shirt for bra exposure and the return of Trey Songz. Way to represent for the chocolate, slim and sexy!

Patti LaBelle Tribute – Cee-Lo. Just when his sparkle jacket, 80’s wig, and spray can were enough to make one fall out on the floor, he blurts “Mother F****” alllll loud on live TV. Chile, I slid off the chair-it was so classic, and So Cee-Lo. Even Patti was flustered. Marsha Ambrosius blessed the stage with her brilliant tone and control, singing so well Patti was teary. But no one can give tribute to themselves like Miss Patti Patti, who showed out while remaining in her emerald Louboutins. Bravo!! She was so deserving of the honor.

Fallen Artist Tribute – West Coast legends Snoop Dogg and Warren G payed homage to Nate Dogg with a touching “Regulators” set, and Ledisi tore UP Teena Marie’s “Out On A Limb.” She sang so strong and beautiful- speechless. Lady T was somewhere giving a standing ovation. The #WhatTheJoeJacksonHell moment was choosing Queen Latifah (as opposed to the many other grossly talented spoken word artists in the Nation) to give tribute to Gil Scot Heron. I didn’t get it.

Make It Stop

DJ Khaled & Co. – His band of shirtless, sagging, and tatted rappers selected for EVERY single performance?!?! Audiences were forced to watch the usual suspects of Ace Hood, Weezy, Rawse, Rawse’s tittys, Drizzle, Felon #432, and such, rhyming about money, cars, clothes, boats & heauxs, ZZZZZzzzzzzzz. If never invited back, no one would miss it, we may send thank-you cards.

Alicia Keys – *Fingers to Temple* Biased about the homewrecker (she may forever be known as such) her recycled performance atop a piano singing about whoreallycares, was just snack break time. She did bring out Bruno Mars, but maybe just to distract audiences from her yeast-like, rising hair. Frizz and humidity were working for #TeamMashonda.

Viewers Choice Award– BET may never ask a viewer to present again, or force them to pass a remedial reading test prior to handing them a Tablet/iPad. In what was the most obviously awkward moment in the night, Tiffany Green flubbed up presenting?!?! Royally. In Case You Missed It.

Beyaki Lies & Delusion– Queen B couldn’t be bothered with a live-performance, as she was in England at Glatsonbury shutting down the stage. That didn’t stop BET producers. They exercised G.W.Bush-level integrity by promoting her performing on the show, but used footage that was live-stremed earlier in the day?!?! Meaning, bloggers and true music fans had already seen that performance, and no parts of the glitter or wind machines were fresh. None of it?!?! @Jozenc tweeted, “BET might as well have said Michael Jackson was performing tonight and ran “This Is It” on loop.”

The Fashion – From #DebrasDress to Rocsi’s Wet Seal exclusive, there was a lot going on on the red carpet! For a breakdown of my favorite looks, visit my Tumblr page: 🙂

Overall, this year’s show offered few standout moments, and I had a greater time watching the return of HBO’s TRUE BLOOD!!! Clearly everyone tunes in just for the jokes, which does nothing to elevate the prestige of the Award brand, but makes for the fun-kneee-iest mindless entertainment (you should have SEEN my Twitter TL?!?) What did you think?




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  1. Someone not only should have called the fashion police, but Jennifer Hudson should have pulled Alicia to the side to recommend that she come to weight watchers with her.

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