Attack The Block *REVIEW*

A group of rowdy youth from the hood, an unsuspecting white woman, a robbery, and crawling aliens with glowing teeth that eat humans, aren’t the usual suspects for a great film. In the new sci-fi/comedy/horror/indy-flick Attack The Block, the elements brilliantly combine for a fresh take on the typical alien invasion story.

Attack The Block takes a witty look at youth culture (and perception) framed in a night of young mischief interrupted by aliens falling from the sky. The juvenile ruffians robbing a nurse in their community (unsuspecting yt woman) was supposed to be the highlight of the crew’s evening, but they all end up defending their “block” or project as we’d call it in the US. Running from the cops, running out of pre-paid cell phone minutes, hiding in trash cans, hiding from blind aliens, and trying not to die, are issues for the crew, but they vow to save the Block under Moses’ leadership.

Written and directed by Joe Cornish, the film’s dialogue, clothing, and night’s events (aside from the alien invasion) were authentic to that of London’s inner-city. HIlarious one-liners are delivered throughout by the young cast of actors (all but one virgins to a major project) plucked from school workshops and community groups throughout London. Protagonist “Moses” played by John Boyega who bares an uncanny resemblance to Denzel Washington (*swoon*) and the talented cast are billed as the next big things. 🙂 Check out this exciting film now showing in limited release (Always the good films, right??)




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