Atlanta Ranked As “Worst Dressed?!” *Scoffs*

GQ released their “Worst-Dressed Cities” list, and would you believe they ranked Atlanta #17?!?!? Our major metropolis, home to many designer flagship stores, countless hip-hop videos, and indy-boutiques, is considered a “worst dressed??”

“Atlanta is the Mecca of the promotional T-shirt. Everyone is a CEO or founder of a record label or a clothing line you’d have never heard of if it weren’t plastered in size 96 Helvetica font on their chest.” -GQ

O. Well, there is that. *le sigh*

Many Atlanta men are victim to an abundance of tackiness, apathetic dress, and an affinity for sagging jeans (that should CEASE?!?!) but don’t most cities?? We’re also the home of men confident & fashion forward enough to out-swag women in Lenox mall (Stiletto queens). Stylish men seen throughout midtown and Buckhead that obviously have a tailor on speed dial, un afraid to look in-season. I’d argue that the folks at GQ didn’t scour the city is all I’m saying. *hmph* 

The ranking should give all fashionable (or would-be) Atlantan’s cause to step our collective game up. Men and women alike have too many options to live a life of mediocre, sub-par dressing. Don’t be restricted to retail, or your own devices if unsure… remember… GQ is watching, so seek guidance from a stylist. I plan to update #VitaminD  (there’s also my Tumblr) with more fashion articles, because I’m genuinely ob-sessed with clothes. It’s quite sickening. But this blogger isn’t alone – next week I’ll be attending the 1st Fashionable Atlanta Blogger’s meet up, where I’ll report the trend talk from some Haute-lanta fashionistas. GQ may have won this battle, with Mila Kunis on the cover, but I’m confident my city will win the war. This is the South dammit, and we stay #winning!!! 🙂

What say you??




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