The President Should Take NO MESS!

From the start of President Obama’s campaign run to the present moment, the Obama Administration has experienced record levels of disrespect. Groups work to push propaganda, publicly disrespect, and promote inaccurate and biased coverage. From KKK FOX News journalists, extremists in the Tea party, false Twitter deaths, racist comic strips, and most recently being called “Tar Baby” and “Boy” the compiling evidence is astounding. The habitual line-stepping is racially motivated, and shows no signs of ending.

WHEN is enough, enough? Racial slurs, and the inhumane treatment of Blacks often associated, have such a an ingrained history in the US, that it is near impossible to believe an elected official could not know better. Weak apologies were offered after the fact, inferring that public disgust about the “word choice” is “blowing things out of proportion.” #WHATTHEJOEJACKSONHELL?!?! Had the President been another race, (consider a Jewish slur “slipped”) such outbursts would cause public unrest until a Rep. issued a press conference apologizing, just shy of stepping down. Seems there’s always an excuse when insulting the Black man, smh.

A person of my limited restraint would have turned over tables, kicked a Rep. or Senator in the teeth, and wiped several Tea Party members from existence (with Men In Black, Real G’s move in silence like gnomes, Secret Service) if referenced to a “tar baby.”  No matter the position on politics he remains the elected official, so everyone should show respect. Disagree without being discriminatory or provoking. 

One of my favorite James Brown songs, “Papa Don’t Take No Mess” evokes a raw feeling (funk), a braggadocio, pop-ya collar-type attitude when played (check the link). JB was never afraid to tell someone where to go or how to get there. So, on THIS DAY, President Obama’s 50th birthday, let his neck be protected, swagger not be *side eye’d*, nor intelligence, birthplace, or ability to catch bullets with his teeth*, questioned. Instead of the usual “Happy Birthday,” I’ll be looping JB. Fitting soundtrack for our President, so accomplished, resilient, reserved and determined, (and SEXY) a shining example of a great American. While he may not be in the position to kirk out, we can continue to speak out against the actions of the ignorant. Ultimately a re-election will be the big payback. 2012 haters.

*JK- Last Dragon reference*




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A Modern Renaissance Woman passionate about writing, women's issues, race relations, pop culture and music.

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