HATE CRIME in Jackson, MS 6/26/11

Over the weekend CNN posted video of the most devestaing hate crime I’ve viewed in a few months (this IS Amerikkka after all). According to authorities, on June 26, a group of white teens outside of Jackson, Mississippi rode out in (2) pickup trucks to “mess with some niggers.” The result was the brutal beating and murder of James Craig Anderson, 47.  What these young racist, hate mongering murderers didn’t realize was that the entire incident was caught on video, thanks to security survelance in the ajacent hotel parking lot.

Currently the alleged leader of the group Deryl Dedmon Jr. (18), is under arrest and facing double murder charges, and John Aaron RIce (18), another teen arrested, is charged with simple assault. But what about the other teen girls allegedly riding along in the trucks?? Had the scenario been reversed, a group of Black kids murdering an innocent white man, without question all involved would already be convicted. A horrible double standard.

Every few months the senseless, racially motivated murder of a Black man is reported but received throughout the media to *crickets*. Overstanding Black on Black violence remains the popular draw in local media, but to not receive National upset when stories like this break, speak volumes about the lack of value given to Black lives in this country. I’ve posted before about racially motivated murders and when reading horrific accounts like this, it’s hard (for me) not to become violent or hateful in response. That basic reaction never resolves anything, so I suggest more civil and organized actions to promote change:

  1. Forward this post/ pass along the original story to as many outlets as possible. It’s up to us to tell these stories, if collective media outlets won’t. The actions of ignorant vigilantes should NOT go ignored.  
  2. Call government officials in Jackson, MS (including the Defense Attorneys) to let your voice be heard!! (It is not okay that the other teens involved (riding in the trucks) were not charged or sitting in jail.) 
  3. Spread this story and the alternate message of tolerance/understanding/cultural education to young people in your local community. Alert community groups about heightened racial tensions in your area. Parents are usually the first to stop the spread of hate by example or correction.
WE are responsible for changing OUR communities. If we don’t take a stand…incidents like this will become commonplace again. And we’ve come too far to revert to public lynchings. Sadly… stranger things have happened. Thoughts??




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  1. This didn’t get much attention for a reason: They, the powers that be, don’t want to face the truth in THIS era of “the first black president”! As if to say that racism has died because President Obama is in office. giving THIS SICK, TWISTED CRIME too much coverage would mean that the deficit battle would have to take a back seat to something they would rather, quietly, sweep under the rug! It’s the classic “bait and switch” move; keep your eye on the red ball in the right hand to take your attention off of what I’m doing with the left hand! It’s so sad that this president isn’t really in the position to address racism head on because of the risk of isolating his constituency, which is made up of multiple demographics OTHER THAN JUST BLACK PEOPLE!!! Of course we know, if this had been the reverse, it would have been spray painted on the screen of every news outlet in the country. But maybe THAT’s what needs to happe. I don’t advocate violence in the least bit. In fact, I HATE IT!!! But I HATE RACISM EVEN MORE!!! So many racially motivated crimes take place on a daily basis, but the media is a conductor of information, guiding what’s big news and what’s water cooler fodder.

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