Summer Life Revamp 2011

The end of summer is the time for enjoying sweltering temperatures, but as the heat rises, so should new energy into your life. Kids go back to school, the Thanksgiving/Christmas rush is staring back at you, and retailers are swapping out inventory preparing for fall, well we should do the same!! Consider goals, passions, and dreams in your life, the thoughts that keep you awake at night, and take time to flush out what it would truly take to make them a reality! What are some things you can do to improve character or self-awareness?

As a Christian who often stumbles finding my way in the world *cough* a friend recommended Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie’s Praycation series. A month-long spiritual journey led by motivating Bible scriptures and daily exercises aimed to develop a deeper relationship with Christ. A renowned speaker and leader, you can’t help but gain inspiration from her writings.

I also discovered, albeit a bit late, HappyBlackWoman’s website and 31-Days To ResetYour Life Challenge. Her site, filled with positivity and encouragement, takes participants on a mini-life coaching revamp through self-exploration exercises, journaling, and tips to dig below the surface. I’m quite impressed thus far, and can catch up at my leisure. I signed up and started back journaling to document the experience.

So decide to participate in one of the suggested challenges, or simply start making revamps of your own! Do you have a preferred method when seasons change or feeling bogged down? Please share and post your progress throughout the month. Life is all about change, and if we’re not striving to do better, what are we really accomplishing?? Just my small thoughts. *smile* Love each other and yourselves!! *Smoooches*




About Dawnavette

A Modern Renaissance Woman passionate about writing, women's issues, race relations, pop culture and music.

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