Press Lunch With Actor John Boyega

Friday media gathered at STRAITS for a delicious press lunch with British-Nigerian actor John Boyega, the star of Attack The Block, currently in theatres. One of the best films of the year, I posted my review and adoration of Boyega’s lead character “Moses” a few weeks ago. At 19, he’s already set to take Hollywood by storm, intelligent, articulate, worldly, and respectful, oh, and he looks like a younger Denzel Washington (yum, yum)

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Boyega’s witty charm was infectious as he shared his excitement about his first major film role, and life in America. Recently re-located to LA to further his career, he’s busy exploring new projects and honing his craft, though misses his supportive family. A minister father, educator mother and two older sisters, all very proud of his accomplishments, Boyega joked, “Maybe I’ll fly them over here, eh?” As he talked about his crush on Meagan Good, fascination with US box office numbers, and an affinity for sick house parties thrown by cast mates, it was very clear this young man expertly balances normal teenage life with his fast-track career.

Of the success and continued buzz on his work in Attack The Block, Boyega is glad that US audiences get an authentic look at urban life in South London. “We always get exposed to US culture, this time, you guys get to see what our life is like.” No doubt this young man is one to watch.

Thank you to Saptosa Foster, 135th Street Agency, the STRAITS staff and John Boyega for a wonderfull afternoon. No doubt this young man is one to watch. Attack The Block opens in more theatres August 19. Visit for more information.

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