“Slave earrings                                 Hoop earrings: a classic always in evolution

Dimitri / Spring /Summer 2011 / Photo by Gorunway
  • Amlé
  • Chiara BCN
  • Fraleoni
  • Scavia

Jewellery has always flirted with circular shapes, especially for use in making earrings. The most classic models are theslave and creole styles in gold hoops.

If the name brings to the mind the decorative traditions of the women of colour who were brought to the southern Unites States during the slave trade, the latest interpretation is pure freedom. Colored stones, symbolic pendants and multiple spheres. And the evolution goes on.

Anna Bassi, Vogue Gioiello n. 109, March 2010  Published:  08/05/2011

After trying to digest this ignorance, I became heated considering my adoration for the fashion industry which historically discriminates against people of color in-spite of draining & exploiting resources from Mother Africa (no secret where style & beauty originated). How could the industry’s leading publication/fashion BIBLE, VOGUE Magazine make such an insensitive error in this day and age?? Chalk it up to institutionalized racism and a lack of concern for offending anyone of color, oppression, or common sense. SO disgusted VOGUE, and I will consider ending my 15 + year relationship as a faithful subscriber if no apology is issued and this ridiculous article isn’t taken down. There is NOTHING humorous, fashionable, chic or stylish about slavery. NOTHING. And no hoop earring, regardless of the price tag will represent “freedom” or liberation from oppression. Stop it with the racist marketing ploy, unless you want racist consumers as the new demographic.




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  1. So I guess it would be a stretch for me to blame “The Help” …I do see a correlation in the permissiveness of mind that allows it

  2. Why wait to unsubscribe? I dumped The New Yorker after the racist cover depicting the Obamas and have never looked back. If these magazines had more black people in positions of authority in editorial, this stuff wouldn’t keep happening.

  3. If you’re seriously offended the only way to express it in addition to writing this article is to actually not subscribe. To often people are up in an uproar but then we continue to support those businesses if they give a veiled apology. The best way to protest corporate insensitivity is economically. Don’t support those businesses whose values you don’t support. That’s any business!

  4. I don’t know this doesn’t change my relationship with vogue because I never had one. Quite frankly they have never been on the side of minorities and in my opinion only feature minorites to prevent scrutiny. Fashion as a whole. The concept that women should drop money on threads from fashion houses that could care less about the issues of minorities has always prevented me from really giving two shits about “what’s in”. What’s in? What’s comfotable and what resonates. I’ve been wearing Dhasikis and tribal prints for years and now its in because a few white people decide so? I’m happy that this has forced people to assess their relationship with the publication but in my opinion they have been offending and we shouldve reassessed the relationship a long time ago.

  5. Umm…sis. Consider ending your subscription? I know you love Vogue, but spending power as Arielle put it on FB about Nivea’s offensive ad, is one of the biggest forms of activism. An apology won’t cut it.

  6. haha the earrings are cool but why would they name them ‘slave earrings’ knowing quite well that it would cause an uproar.

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