MUSIC WATCH: “PIMPS” Video – BIG K.R.I.T., 2 Chains, & Bun B

It’s no secret that I adore BIG K.R.I.T. , I often tweet his lyrics, constantly have one of his albums in rotation, and think his latest release Last King 2 is yet another classic banger. My absolute favorite single is “Pimps (Remix)”** produced by K.R.I.T. featuring 2 Chains and Bun B *Swooooon* Aside from the genius of the collaboration, intricacies and melodic show tune tribute that is the production, the lyrics are beast. 2 Chains is spitting that Gawja braggadocio game, Bun B slick spits that O.G. Pimp game of three generations prior (I swear that man could talk me into some criminal things… his tone is just…) and K.R.I.T. wittily closes with  rhymes and a deliciously thick Mississippi accent with ridiculous control over the beat. Like three southern PIMPS. Today, they released the video.

Check out/download K.R.I.T.’s discography and marinate on the extraordinary greatness.  🙂

**Will explain my fascination with Pimp culture in a future post**




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