VMA’s (BMA’s) 2011: A Wrap-Up

This year’s VMA’s will forever be remembered as the BMA’s: Beyoncé Maternity Announcement, as Beyaki revealed she’s with-child on the Black Carpet, eclipsing the biggest award show on MTV?!?!!!! The Beyaki Carter Heir/ Bambino reveal, and her AMAZEBALLS performance of “Love On Top” (*Drops Mic*) was everything.

O yea. There were other highlights from last night…

* MTV took a recession approach to hosting this year (boo) opting for celebs to muddle through dry skits & awkward transitions throughout the show. Kevin Hart was the unofficial Award Show jokester providing a few chuckles. Meh.

* Lady GaGa was hands down the most creative and original artist of the night, opening the show as a man and remaining in character all. Night. Seriously… at first, the monologue was weird and off-putting but the risk was worth it. Solidifying her iconic status combining acting, dancing, playing the piano, and singing, she slayed even in drag. I heart some Lady GaGa.

* Adele popped her VMA performance cherry delivering a soulful rendition of “Someone Like You” showcasing her powerful voice. Poised in a black tea dress (YAS) it was just she, a pianist, spotlight and microphone. Vocalists. Rock.

* The Britney Spears Tribute. OMJEEEZY!!!!! A true Stan of the pop princess, how FITTING was the youth dancers’ mashup of her video choreography?!? Those young ladies SERVED honey, out-dancing even Britney’s video days…I was popping right along with the talented Tweens!!

* The Amy Winehouse tribute featured a heartfelt (albeit confusing & wordy) speech from personal friend Russell Brand, words from jazz legend Tony Bennet and a clip of their soon-to-be released duet (awesome) for charity. Bruno Mars and his impeccably dressed & choreographed band covered “Valerie,” a popular Winehouse cover (originally sung by the Zutons). Um, usually I can’t stand Bruno nor his be-bop gimmick, but his performance was one of my favorites?!! An Adele/Jessie J/GaGa collaboration may have been more appropriate, but it’s the VMA’s, not the Grammy’s so…the powerhouse vocalist tribute should come in February.

* The WHATTHEJOEJACKSONHELL moments of the night were collectively courtesy of the Young Money Millionaires. From their attire to the lame performances, just lost in the daum sauce. Nicki Minaj rocked Hurricane Irene debris, Drizzy-Drake rocked a smedium Cosby/Coogi sweater and Weezy performed in his daughter’s skinny jeans. *Fingers To Temple* Lil’ Wayne failed to impress as the show’s closer singing into an auto-tune microphone, running around the stage/arena, then strumming 2 chords on a guitar followed by a dramatic smash. Sir. NO ONE believes you… and the fact your camp let you perform zooted on the eve of the album release…there are few words. SMDH.

* Best acceptance speech and shock of the night goes to Tyler the Creator, from the Odd Future camp. After winning Best New Artist he screams, “I’m excited as F*CK RIGHT NOW!!” yes. Sir, we could tell.

I quite enjoyed this year’s show domination and celebration of women performers. Just warmed my soul. Check out the Complete List of Winners. What did you think??




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  1. The VMA show was very entertaining. Like many, my favorite part of the show was the “love on top” performance and Bey rubbing her baby bump. I felt her joy through the screen.

  2. Wayne reminded me of those singing roaches on MTV Joe’s Apartment, SMH. He was a culture casualty and someone who really loves black people should’ve locked him in his dressing room

  3. Thanks for this wrap up because I missed the show–sad face. LOL at the Young $$$ wardrobe. I heard Lil Wayne had on leopard jeggings! …this face… o_O… LOL

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