Huetiful Steamer Q & A

President of the Huetiful company Ken Burkeen hosted a roundtable discussion Wednesday night for beauty mavens/ curious bloggers to get facts about the rising household staple for natural hair: the Huetiful Hair Steamer. Naturally curly hair requires moisture, and a leading combatant in the fight against frizz and breakage are steam treatments or “steaming”* which locks up to (5) times more moisture.

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Key Questions:

1) What are the benefits of steaming hair? Concentrated warm steam opens up the hair cuticle allowing for deeper penetration of the hair shaft improving moisturizing benefits of conditioners and hair treatments. Steaming also promotes a healthy scalp, improved hair health, less breakage, split ends, and overall moisture increase. 

2) What is the recommended usage? Can you “oversteam” the hair?” It’s recommended to vary according to individual needs, hair type and texture, but most find an awesome moisture balance steaming weekly for no more than 18 min. Anything more can be excessive. Steam treatments are also safe while wearing protective styles (weaves, braids,) as natural hair requires maintenace while enclosed.  

3) Can other products be used with the Huetiful steamer? Is it safe for other hair types/textures? (primarily associated with Black/coarse hair) Any product of choice placed on the hair will deeply penetrate the shaft due to the steam effect. Huetiful has a hair care line enriched with moisturizing oils created especially for naturally curly hair, but again, the choice is the consumer’s. 

4) What are the major differences between standing in the shower longer, a cheaper product, or even a heat cap as opposed to the Huetiful Steamer? Concentrated steam placement, ozonized steam which reduces bacteria (a cause of dandruff & itchy scalp), a facial steaming attachment and superior quality set the Huetiful Steamer apart from any competition. Ken Burkeen’s personal and brand commitment to customer satisfaction above everything else is evident in the success and rave reviews across the globe of the Huetiful steamer.

**Personal Aside:

Like many, I broke free from using a chemical relaxer (well over a year ago) and have a head full of natural hair. I don’t use heat on my virgin coils, so the process has been an interesting yet liberating journey (to say the least) and there’s always something new to discover. It’s amazing what we don’t know about OUR hair. After affirmations during the roundtable call, I plan to purchase a steamer this fall, and will surely post results. 🙂

Many women practice steaming, encouraging healthy hair growth and maintenance to future generations. Yes, even the kids love the steamer (safe too-just make sure they can sit still for 18 min.), kitchen beauticians are clearly on the rise in this economy! Thank you to Ken, Huetiful, and Myleik /Art of Facts PR for the invitation. Happy steaming!

*Reference use of Huetiful steamer, product claims*




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  1. hey this sounds interesting and worth giving a try. thanks

  2. Thanks!!! I’m so getting one very soon. Let me know when you order yours, and we can trade tips on products used with the steamer.

  3. Very interesting!!! I’m definitely in need of a successful tool to lock in moisture aside from using hair dress cremes and oils. Thanks for posting!!!

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