Observations From An Amazing HU Classic

On September 10, RFK Stadium hosted an epic Football Classic: Howard University vs. Morehouse (SpelHouse) College. A Classic event set to bring money to the city of DC, funds to both schools through advertising dollars, quickly escalated to a full-scale battle of trash-talking and a heated rivalry. Taken to epic levels courtesy of witty Bison, Spelmanites, and Morehouse men on a crazy-popular Crackbook Page, Saturday’s game was a defining moment in HBCU history! Bison proved victorious (duh) beating the Morehouse Tigers 30-27, and representing during the battle of the bands. What was most-telling of who’s Alma Mater trumped the other was the school spirit & tailgate activity throughout the day.
If you didn’t make an appearance to the livest Tailgate in the stadium (Lot 7) you absolutely missed out. Special S/O and thanks to the host committee (BISON) and all the SpelHouse loved exchanged throughout the day. Below are 10 Random Observations:

10. It’s always good times seeing old classmates and both schools truly represented. The weekend was filled with reunions.

Crunk Alum- My BISON Fam :)10.

9. No matter how much time has passed, some folks still greet with a stank face & an attitude. Resolve they’re probably miserable in their own lives, pray for them & keep it moving. Tailgate is a family affair- only love, smiles, and trash talk allowed.

8. Several alum no longer resemble their Undergrad selves, and instead of shaking hands around the Tailgate, should have done laps around RFK. Seriously. There were several nominees for “Worst Body Award” this year, so I need my people to do better. Check this video for motivation.

7. HBCU’s stunt during events like none-other, but the style at Howard, Morehouse and Spelman is un paralleled. There’s never a need however, to mesh full-length tulle skirts, Louboutin heels, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, mini-skirts or palazzo pants with a Morehouse/Howard/Spelman Tee. It’s a football game, jeans are always preferred. Also, Morehouse men have an affinity for pink/peach button-down shirts, rocking loafers without socks, and an S-curl. Howard men tend to rock a T (white/a witty saying/school pride) and some kicks. Very interesting.

6. Bison go so. Much. Harder in the stands for our team than SpelHouse. We were hyped on a hundred-trillion for our school; Alum were the loudest. Fact. Fight me.

5. Showtime Band needed a role model. No disrespect to the current band directors, but it surely felt like the band fell-off this year. From unrecognized half-time songs and quarter beats, to the delay in playing crowd faves like “Hey” and “Side of Ya Neck!”…someone should have prepped them for the hype-azz-force that is the Howard Alum section. Always. *Livest Section in the Stadium, Craig!!*

4. Tailgate is a newer tradition for Bison, but we’ve proven victorious there as well. Spelhouse joined our party and we ended up blending the love/spirit. In fact, many missed parts of the game, and the “Wobble” blasted bringing folks together well into the dark. Honestly, most were packing up as the party kept going. Black folk.

3. There was a need for a “Trash-Talk” party or official meet-up before and after the game. Aside from Tailgate and randomly running into Crackbook/Twitter characters now familiar after months of online exchange, there wasn’t an organized party event. Most Alum are hilarious and sweet in real life, so to party the Friday before the game is a great suggestion for next year. 🙂

2. In the midst of all the excitement I did reflect that more of a combined/united effort could have been made from both Alum groups towards fundraising efforts for our Universities/Colleges, aiding local community efforts, promoting a voter registration drive, health fair, anything. Several alums are already moving to make this a mandate for next year. It’s not enough we party… we should promote and encourage change too. 🙂

1. Um, no matter the score… remaining seconds left in the game, fumbled play or alleged mis-calls… BISON WON?!?!!!! WE ARE CHAMPS SON!!! Both HBCU’s know how to have a great time during Classic weekend!!!! Can’t wait till next year – GO BISON!!!!!!!!




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  1. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUU U KNOW. You’re observations were keenly on point. I,in particular must take time to reflect on your number 7 on the list. And a prayer for those left behind in the war on appropriate fashion. This is for those who gave a swing at the Sex and the City look but just didn’t quite hit that ball out of the park.
    Dear Fashionistas at Large,
    We come to you in shock and grief and confusion of heart due to the lost ones of the fashion world.Help them to find better examples as to what fashion trends are from your loving pages of Elle or from the creative minds of vintage finds, guide the miss directing who think that anything goes, teach them that 100% cotton doesn’t go with flammable tulle rayon, teach them O’ pages of Vogue that not everything labeled is cute, help them to remove themselves from friends and family that give them thumbs up as they walk out the door making stripper outfits into avant-garde statements. Finally, please show them that confidence in dressing is no substitute for taste.
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. The End.

  2. I will make the flex from Toronto next year beleeedat!!!…HU….!!!

  3. Looks like u covered everything beautifully!

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