The Right Amount Of Wrong: A NEW NOVEL

I’m too excited to announce that my friend Jarryd A. Jackson, has completed his first novel!!!!! Reason being, aside from Jarryd’s brilliant writing and professional accomplishments, the FAMU graduate has worked really hard to make this dream a reality. I remember him sharing the concept and desire to get it out… and to have a physical copy is truly a wonderful thing! Check out the synopsis of the romantic thriller:

David Brooks has it all – a rewarding career, a loyal network of friends, and an upscale home in suburban Chicago that he shares with his beautiful wife, Danielle Brooks. His enviable lifestyle has concealed the truth about his distressed marriage to Danielle. Feeling alienated from his occupied wife, David seeks to reclaim her affection after she is victimized in a horrific bank robbery. However, Danielle, a dedicated attorney, attempts to bring justice to those involved in crime instead of rekindling the fire in her marriage. As their bond continues to crumble, Farrah, David’s seasoned assistant and Marcus, his womanizing best friend, turn into his support system. David also meets Vanessa, a young ambitious new hire at his firm. Captivated by her innocence and fresh outlook on life, he begins to confide in her. While his friendships ripen and his marriage withers, secrets are revealed and devastating changes are in store for everyone involved. Suddenly, David has to fight to keep each relationship intact before the pain of deceit, scandal, and resentment end his fleeting bliss.”

Sounds rather juicy, right?? Check out a sneak peek of the first chapter, then pick up a copy of The Right Amount Of Wrong, filled with more drama than a Basketball Wives season! Available now on Kindle,, iPad download, Nook or Support a talented young author, and let me know what you think!! I’ll be posting my review, and an exclusive interview with Jarryd, so be sure to check back. Congratulations again, Mr. Jackson on an awesome accomplishment! *first novel*  🙂




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