Oct. Discovery: (2) Tools For Self-Improvement

Oprah (Photo: Oprah.com)

The end of 2011 is quickly approaching (MAN this year was fast) and I’m back on a life-improvement kick. It has been a difficult (yet blessed) year full of lessons for reflection. Never one to turn down a chance to grow or learn to “do better,” I’ve found two resources this month that encourage uncovering your “authentic self” (who you really are/what you really want to do).

Conveniently, Mama Oprah is currently running her LifeClass series on the OWN Network and online LiveStreams. For five weeks, every weeknight Oprah conducts a class via footage from her iconic daytime show, followed by an interactive LiveStream online for an hour (they usually run over because class is so good!). Some of the lessons may be cliché or recycled Freudian spins, but Oprah and guests like Iyanla Vanzant push viewers to dig deep and uncover their hurt, truths, and fears to uncover their authentic self. I’ve found the lessons timely and homework (of course there is, it’s Oprah) truly fosters personal growth. Tonight’s lesson is “When You Know Better, You Do Better.” Try it!! I tweet my favorite notes, so follow me on Twitter, or search the #Lifeclass hashtag.

Also, the discovery of The Happy Black Woman’s website (Rosetta Thurman) and embarking on the 31-Day Reset Challenge, daily exercises to improve the quality of life is a great tool. What’s great about the 31DayReset challenge is you can start whenever you’re ready, and if you miss or slack on a few exercises (like I have) catching up is not difficult but enjoyable. I’ve taken to writing down daily affirmations, lessons and gratitude again in a small journal. Highly recommended.

What are some life-improvement tips you’ve discovered useful? Do you have any favorite websites or practices that promote positive lifestyle? Share them here or on the Fan Page. There is no time like the present to start anew. Queen Oprah says so. 🙂




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