Original Entertainment: Milk & Honey Series: Episode 1

From producers Brown Paper Dolls and Idris Elba, the fresh web series Milk & Honey has arrived! An original media offering from three talented women, check out Episode One:

The story lines show Black women living in a metropolis, discovering themselves and following their dreams. Intelligent characters with authentic situations is refreshing to see. Who doesn’t love a Debbie Allen guest appearance? Also doesn’t hurt that the lead actress/producer and Lance Gross are both Howard University Grads. YOU KNOOOOOW!!!! Great Bison are everywhere. 🙂 *Support the series, check out their site, and share your thoughts!

*We have to support creative, original offerings in media or continue complaining about the commercial bullshyt.*




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A Modern Renaissance Woman passionate about writing, women's issues, race relations, pop culture and music.

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  1. I watched it, thought it was interesting. I’ll wait on another episode before I make it a fav. Still reading and supporting the blog!

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