The Braxton’s Season 2 Sneak Peek Dinner

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Thursday night, media and invited guests gathered for dinner, a viewing and Q&A with reality TV’s most talented family, the Braxtons! All members of the family/cast were present with the exception of Toni, who remained in LA for work. That’s right, Tamar, her husband/producer Vince, Traci, Towanda, Trina, and Miss E (Eveyln) all came out to promote the return of their hit series! Season 2 will surely be juicy as the family shares their highs and lows in life and love. We previewed the first episode in Season 2 at Frank Ski’s, the new posh restaurant and lounge in Buckhead.  While I can’t spill all the tea, there are a few hints & leaks.

Juicy Bits From Season 2:

  • Will Miss E find love as she dates this season?
  • Tamar is now trying to work on her solo project. What about all the demands last season for a Family Album?
  • Is Toni getting back with her ex-husband Keri?
  • Towanda’s family has moved in with Trina’s. HOW will two families under one roof work out?
  • WHY did Miss E threaten to “slap the piss” out of Tamar?
  • Will there EVER be a Braxtons Album??

This show is *Stamped* because of the honest representations of a close-knit, uber-talented family, that looks out for one another no matter what. No girlfights in Italy or Mean Girls-like pow wows in public on this show, but every week the Braxton’s entertain!

Check out more clips on my YouTube channel, photos on my Facebook Fan Page, and tune in November 10 on WE for the official premiere of the Braxton Family Values! Thanks to Saptosa, the 135St Agency, and the wonderful staff at Frank Ski’s for a fantastic evening!




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  1. Super siked for this new season!!!! Death to BBW! DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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