OCCUPY: The Revolution Has Begun

Police arrest Occupy Atlanta protester

What began as the “Occupy Wall Street” movement September 17, 2011, has spread across the nation into over 150 cities, now dubbed in pop-culture as the “Occupy Movement.” The movement encourages public protest against corporate and government greed, or the 1% of Americans that maintain wealth and control with no regard for the remaining 99%. Many socio-economic frustrations inclusive of overwhelming foreclosures, unemployment, student loans, debt, no health care, homelessness of families, etc. have combined so on the highest level, the movement demands equal distribution of wealth and resources while utilizing peaceful protests as a tool for attention.

Cities with the largest growing protests include New York, (“Occupy Harlem,”/ “Occupy Wall Street”) Chicago, Atlanta, and Oakland. Tuesday night, protesters in Occupy Oakland were forced away from their City Hall post, when police fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd. That same evening, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed ordered Occupy Atlanta protesters to vacate Woodruff Park (protest site) by early Wednesday morning or risk arrest. Police arrived in full S.W.A.T. gear, on horseback, motorcycle brigade and helicopter to clear out citizens. #WHATTHEJOEJACKSONHELL

Now, some people are confused by the ultimate goal of these growing demonstrations, the collective organization of the movement, and the protest tactic. Some people will choose not to get involved or shrug the global movement off as “silly,” or a “waste of time.” Many citizens are starting to realize, however, protest by protest, that they have power, and eventually, the rest will listen. Simultaneously shutting down (2) of the Occupy movements on the same night, using force even, is highly coincidental, giving validity to the notion that the Occupy movement is more powerful than anticipated. Remember that most political movements that spark effective change only rally a few…but society benefits.

Video from B. Carter & Occupy Wall Street:


If you weren’t paying any attention before, now is the time to start. On the eve of a Presidential election, a Democratic society grows increasingly frustrated with being ignored, heavily taxed, and burdened while the wealthy watch from above. Keeping abreast of the protests via Social Media (Twitter, Facebook) and sites like Democracynow.org provide real-time, accurate coverage details.  An #OCCUPY supporter, I’ll continue to post coverage on Dawnavette.com as the revolution has begun.

What are your thoughts on the movement?

**An article about women’s roles within the Occupy Movement**




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