Steve Stoute Speaks @ Spelman College

Entertainment, marketing and branding guru Steve Stoute appeared at Spelman College last Friday to speak about his new book The Tanning Of America, as part of the “Innovation and the New Economy: Where Do Black Women Fit” series. Spelman President Beverly Daniel Tatum led the 40 min. discussion followed by a short Q&A.

Mr. Stoute discussed his path into the entertainment industry, beginning as a roadie, now a marketing mogul. While there was a lack of focus on women’s specific roles within the new economy, several jewels of advise for all aspiring to break into an industry, further a brand, or be an asset to advertisers were dropped including:

  • You are your brand-be careful what you put on Social Media or the Web. It’s forever representative of YOU.
  • There are no shortcuts to the top. Most that take them don’t stay so don’t be afraid of hard work and starting from the bottom. Learn all you can.
  • People of color are NEEDED in advertising/marketing. We’re highly underrepresented. Many major brands have no clue how to market to our demographic.
  • Diversification is a great thing, don’t be afraid to switch industries or switch dreams. (Steve Stoute went from record exec. to marketing guru)

His book is in stores now, so be sure to grab a copy and share your thoughts! Be inspired… if he did it, you can too. 🙂




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