Revamping In the New Year

Hey y’all, hey!! So after eons of no new posts… I’m back. Took a long time to make decisions about the direction of my lil’ site and came to several new conclusions.

  1. Finding my own niche – though extremely passionate about pop culture and most things entertaining, I have no desire to post coverage of all that transpires in those worlds. In the initial conception of the blog, I truly wanted to be like a Perez Hilton, or Necole Bitchie (they’re both amazing bloggers) but that content doesn’t hold my interest nor am I glued to the scene with their professional intensity. I will however comment on pop culture headlines and stories that appeal to me, my feminist perspective or what I feel my readers find relevant. I’ll remain true to my opinionated commentary, often on media issues pertaining to Black women/women in general.
  2. I’m a feminist, but not in the traditional sensefeminism is defined as the movement and belief of the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes, and I totally support alllllathat. However, I’m a devout listener to hip-hop music which has an extensive history (and present) of misogynistic lyrics and behavior. Hey. I’m a work in-progress, and the writing will reflect my knowledge along the journey to brilliance (Aim high, right?).
  3. Change is good– as I learn to be a better blogger and expand, the site will be undergoing changes. Hopefully you enjoy the impending improvements and additional content. My vision is larger than this WP currently reflects, so I appreciate you continuing to follow along. Please offer feedback via email, social networks, or even out on the street! I don’t bite, and love meeting new people. 🙂

With that, it’s time to get to the blog posts!! It’s been well over a year, I remain committed to the site, my writing, and ultimately contributing to women knowing their worth and potential. Thanks so much for reading, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Write YOUR vision and make your dreams reality…




About Dawnavette

A Modern Renaissance Woman passionate about writing, women's issues, race relations, pop culture and music.

Posted on January 3, 2012, in Commentary. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Glad that you are back…….I am ready to read, consider, and apply!

  2. I am also very glad you’re back and doing a fantastic job (sic). Keep on pressing for the food for though is always welcomed and appreciated. Contemplating a return myself soon!

  3. Glad you’re back lady. You have a great voice; it’s hip, fresh, and insightful. Wishing you many great things.

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