You Ain’t Gotta Steal Craig…

Wednesday, Jan. 4th, the talented Franchesca Ramsey (@chescaleigh)  released the HILARIOUS, brilliant and honest  “Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls” early morning on You Tube. Within minutes it went viral and was virtually everywhere, gaining attention from many mainstream media outlets. It also caught the attention of mega-blogger Perez Hilton, who allegedly posted the video on his “Perez TV” without linking back, giving credit to, or siting the creator. *Big Sean Voice* Hole up. Wait. WhattheJoeJacksonHell?!?!

Perez is on record for making millions blogging, yet he didn’t want to give credit to this young talented Black woman of lesser notoriety? After “Black Twittah” got hold of this story, particularly the swift work of @DrGoddess demanding immediate justice, Perez snatched down the video entirely. Wow. So this is how we’re playing in 2012? The full rants and outrage can be viewed here.

Just goes to show that if we don’t look out for one another, or support the lesser-known creative minds, no one else will. Thanks to @DrGoddess and the coalition (smile) on Black Twittah for coming to the swift defense, and continue to promote the original video on its original platform. I won’t be visiting Perez Hilton anytime soon, and encourage you to do the same. Give credit where it’s due or don’t bother at all. Otherwise, it’s stealing. It’s pretty simple.

What are your thoughts about the video? Thoughts about Perez’ trying to pirate the rights to it?






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  1. Great post!

    There is power in these tweets! I’m proud of the Twittah for the fast response and so thankful for @DrGoddess for being n the case & rallying the troops.

  2. Utter disgust. I have never been a supporter of Perez Hilton, but I have to say that that shady-ness is not surprising. Some people think that when they gain a little fam or fortune, they owe no homage to anyone

  3. anyone who says it’s “just twitter” doesn’t understand the influence you can have when things like this happen. kudos to drgoddess and others speaking out on Perez’s thievery.

  4. While Perez is wack as hell for that, he is a non-factor anyway. If the video is on YouTube, than the ownership is there and attribution has been made and recognized.

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