Blue Ivy Carter: The Most Anticipated Birth of the Year?!

Image   In case you were in a coma over the weekend, Beyonce Knowles Carter and Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) gave birth to a little girl late Saturday night in a New York hospital. Yea! The child all of pop culture could not wait to view has finally arrived on the planet! Probably wrapped in the finest cashmere, and gifted with designer toys charged to A-list Black Cards, the princess is finally here. The way media (particularly social media) has swarmed around this story since learning of her conception as a fetus is rather…scary. Scary as there is no impact on the lives of us mere mortals so the constant coverage and speculation on every detail down to the name and C-section scars is pretty ridiculous. Blue Ivy (or whatever the couple named their Golden Child) will have no effect on your current student loan payment, mortgage rate, Cancer cures or world peace… so I wish everyone would have a collective seat. Immediately.

Aside from well-wishes of health, congratulations, and blessings, everything else seems wasted banter. That hasn’t stopped the hilarious false Twitter account creations, heated public debates on the origin and presumed connotation of the name (“but it’s so GHET-TO”-what does that even mean), or interruptions of every major news programs to promote the headline, “Beyonce Gives Birth” as though the child is indeed the second coming. It’s really weird to watch all the frenzy around a newborn only a select few will ever get to meet in real life Craig. *shrug* Just wish the world would keep it in perspective. They’re celebrities. Blessings to the Carter family, and wishing them a smooth transition into parenthood, away from the public eye and scrutiny.




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  1. lets analyze this for a moment.. saying that its the most anticipated of the year is a tad bit premature. its only january. What do you think will happen if kate middleton announce she was pregnant tomorrow? I BET she gets more press.. it just my thoughts, but i do agree, its gotten out of hand. i wonder if people celebrate an addition to their own family as must as they have beyonce’s. SHRUG

    • Great point. I was being sarcastic with the blog title, but serious that the attention given is too much. Totally agree there would be more media coverage once Kate announces a pregnancy… but in the meantime, everyone’s checking for baby “Blue.” lol. Thanks for reading!

  2. As I always say who cares about their addition when I got my own things popping or not popping off..I love your writing because you say exactly what it is that I am thinking…..a woman of my own heart….keep it up!

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