Either They Don’t Know, Don’t Show Or Don’t Care: Trayvon Martin

A little over two-weeks have passed since 17-year old Trayvon Martin was innocently, senselessly murdered by an on-duty neighborhood watch guard, 28-year old George Zimmerman in his father’s suburban, Orlando, gated community. George Zimmerman, a young college student, admitted to shooting Trayvon, however he has yet to be arrested. The all-too familiar scenario of young a Black man with limitless potential whose life is cut short by a white man whose racist ideology prompts an unwarranted trigger-pull, yet he walks free, played out again.


Reports of cover-ups by officers, concealed complaint files against Zimmerman from neighborhood residents, Zimmerman’s suspect criminal background, and witness reports of cries of help before the gunshot, have done little to expedite Zimmerman’s arrest. Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee stands by the decision not to arrest Zimmerman based on his “self-defense” statement. During a press conference on Monday, Chief Lee stated, “Until we can establish probable cause to dispute that, we don’t have the grounds to arrest him.” Self-defense, when Trayvon was carrying only a pack of skittles, walking back to his father’s home, was easily at least 100 pounds lighter than Zimmerman, Zimmerman left his car (though instructed to let police handle the situation) to approach a young man minding his business, but minutes later, a Trayvon is dead. *Fingers To Temple*

Consider the exact same facts presented thus far, yet reverse the races of the two parties involved. Imagine if it was a young, unarmed, white “John” murdered by a Black neighborhood watch officer. Willing to bet an arrest would have been made that night for murder in the first degree. It makes you want to scream.

Even more discouraging than the “law” currently defending the murderer is the apparent apathy and desensitization towards a Black life lost. As the pile of racist incidents in our “post-racial” society continue to heap, barely a ripple has been seen in the would-be Black “activist” community pool surrounding the Trayvon Martin case. Few (if any) from the veteran cast of public speakers, hosts of Black radio, nor the heavy-hitters in Hollywood/mainstream media, have lent their platform to demand justice. Just as the Black community rallied around Jenna Six, Prince Williams, and even Troy Davis, the same energy and efforts should be given to this and every other incident of senseless murder.

We must take action, and demand that justice be served, law enforcement recognize the value of LIFE in Black and brown communities!! Continuing to spread the word on social media, uniting in solidarity to flood the police department with calls, letters and petitions occur entirely too often, yet as statistics grow so should our voices of protest.

Orlando Mayor  Info: Mayor Buddy Dyer *Phone- 407.246.2221   *Fax-407.246.2842   *E-mail: buddy.dyer@cityoforlando.net 

Orlando Police Info: Bill Lee (Chief of Police) *Email: Bill.Lee@sanfordfl.gov/police/index.html  *Phone- 407.246.2470.

Click HERE to sign the online petition to prosecute George Zimmerman.

Prayers to the Martin family, and I’ll continue to update the site with developments in this tragedy.






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