Fresh Offering: New Film “Life, Love, Soul”

The new film “Life Love Soul”,  currently being screened in major cities across the country, is generating buzz and critical acclaim. A coming-of-age tale about 17-year old honor student “R0osevelt” who deals with the sudden tragedy of his mother’s death, turning his world upside down and forcing him to deal with his estranged father. Ro0sevelt struggles to become a man making crucial life decisions and remembering his mother’s foundation. Starring Jamie Hector, Chad Coleman, Tami Roman, Terri J. Vaughn, Egypt Sherrod, Robbie Tate-Brickle, and Mia Michelle.

Written and directed by Noel Calloway while in college, the film is based on his life. I talked with cast members Mia and Robbie briefly about starring in the movie and their craft. Both actors raved about working with the cast and crew and that everyone became family. Leading actor Robbie Tate-Brickle was hand-picked for the “Roosevelt” role. Robbie’s background of childhood acting and a few roles prior to this leading turn prepped him, as well as the honesty of the role. “This movie will be influential to parents and families because its inspirational,” said Robbie. “Roosevelt accomplished his goals no matter the circumstances.” Robbie’s acting career is just taking off, and audiences will see him again later this year in “The Zoo.”

Mia Michelle’s character, “Kyna Tate” plays “Roosevelt’s” teenage love interest. Dealing with growing pains and  pregnancy issues, and she relied on life-examples of high school associates to channel the role. As for working with Robbie, “His personality is great, we became good friends.” said Mia “I was excited about the opportunity to star in the film, but it’s my last role,” said Mia. She’s leaving Hollywood and her successful modeling career behind to attend medical school full-time. “I’ve always wanted to become a doctor, and that requires focus.” Her stellar scholastic background and full career early on will surely serve to make her a well-rounded doctor.

The strong storyline and trailer of “Life, Love, Soul” peaked my interest and can’t wait to check it out (Counting on Tami Roman’s acting skills to surprise me-in a great way)! “Life Love Soul” officially hits theatres April 13, but I’ll be sure to post my official review after next week’s screening. For more info:





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