*Review* Think Like A Man – LOVED IT!?!

    I attended the press screening of Think Like A Man, the anticipated film adaptation of Steve Harvey’s bestselling novel Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.

Now, I struggled to finish the book years ago as I found it sexist and wasn’t interested in Steve Harvey telling ME what to do in ANY of my relationships. So I was a cynic all day before the screening thinking it was going to be some simple foolery.

How wrong was I?! I LOVED the film? No. Really. I LUV-HED. The. Film?!

Starring Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart, Jerry Ferrera, Meagan Good, Michael Ealy (YUM), Romany Malco, Terrance J. and Gary Owen, this was a romantic comedy home run.

The film explores the modern dynamics of five best friends and their suspect relationships with women. Narrated by the him-scarical Kevin Hart, who’s character is going through a divorce, Think Like  A Man is told primarily from a man’s point of view. A balanced and highly entertaining story plays out  as the women’s perspectives and frustrations are presented. The plot thickens when the men realize the women have a playbook written by the “Family Feud-Steve Harvey” and hilarity ensues when they try to outsmart their women. As in life, nothing goes as planned, the truth stings, and healthy relationships require communication and compromise.

The screenplay took what had the potential to make a mockery of women by appearing condecending, and created teachable moments for both sexes, exploring universal relationship woes, and highlighting essential principals of lasting relationships.

The ensemble cast was excellent,  but I was rooting for a particular (attrative) couple to find love in the end. In typical fashion, I tried to find elements of corny-ness but failed with the exception of one couple’s ending… (guess?!). John Legend’s “Tonight” from the movie soundtrack is primed to be the sexy track of the spring (just. wait. for. the. scene.) Oh.  And there was never a moment where Steve Harvey didn’t (literally) try to cross-promote the novel within the film. Not mad at all sir, control your brand.

This is a great date-night, girls or guys night film. I dubbed it a “modern-classic”, you know the ones seen in theatres several times, buy the DVD and then learn all the jokes. Our generation needed a refreshing comedy with a splash of serious that explores healthy relationships. Those images are few and far between particularly in major films starring people of color. Great job to Will Packer, Tim Story, Steve Harvey, the cast and PR team for creating and marketing such a cool concept.

Be sure to check out the film- hitting theatres April 20th nationwide- and let me know what you think!




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