5 Reasons To Get Into SCANDAL

Shonda Rhimes has done it again. With the debut of the slick new drama SCANDAL, viewers (I) may have discovered a new obsession. Actress Kerry Washington stars as Olivia Pope, the problem-solving, “professional-fixer”, superwoman, legal authority and all-around bad ass. She and her team of intelligence operate stealthily throughout Washington, DC putting out the fires of public figures, politicians, and such. Based loosely on the life of Judy Smith, the drama is in abundance between the professional and personal lives of the “Gladiators in a suit.”

Here are (5) more reasons you should be obsessed with SCANDAL.

1. Juicy plot lines– Weekly clients seek out the Oliva Pope agency for aid in their messy and drama-filled lives. The lawyers who work on behalf of the clients, however are just as mysterious and enticing as the running story line. The first episode had viewers stunned to discover a decorated war veteran was secretly hiding his homosexuality all while a lawyer at the Pope Agency that super-focused Oliva had an affair with…the President of the United States?!! That’s right. Again. Episode. One.

2. The stories move quickly– keeping up with today’s limited attention spans, show writing moves at an exciting pace. Similar to a mini-movie, three to four plot lines develop within the hour allowing viewers to feel as they’re experiencing Olivia Pope’s high-voltage career right along side of her. It’s genius television- a bit of “24” but with a woman in a power suit slaying bad guys with negotiation skills and intellect.

3. The co-stars– Within the first two episodes there proves to be a myriad of eye candy for both lead actors and the interchanging client list. In classic Shonda Rhimes form, she makes sure of a beautiful, sexy cast.

4. Olivia Pope– Mentioning the obvious, but how refreshing to view a leading Black actress in a role that depends not on her sexual prowess or skill, attractiveness, sexual partner, nor “bout that life” ability, but solely on her above-average career and intelligence?! Layered and clearly hiding behind work success, Olivia Pope’s character has the makings for a relatable, prime time icon devoid of the monolith often typecast on Black actresses.

5. Style– Personification of “Gladiator in a suit,” Olivia Pope leads by example consistantly fresh to death in business attire screaming just that. Knee-length trench coats, muted blouse colors with accent draping along the neckline and accessories that don’t compete with soft yet-accentuating makeup. The men are fly in tailored suits, coats, and relaxed “research” wear blending modern cool and conservative looks. Olivia Pope tells newcomer character Quinn Perkins upon arrival, “Too much cleavage,” a cheeky reminder that professional style can be sexy without overtly advertising sex. An inspirational return to a cornerstone rule in fashion.

SCANDAL airs on Thursday nights at 9:00 PM on ABC, but you can catch up on the first two episodes of here

What did you think of SCANDAL??




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