*SCANDAL* Episode (2) Recap: “Dirty Little Secrets”

S1, E2 : “Dirty Little Secrets” 

Episode 2 picks up right where the first left off, as Olivia Pope takes on a new major client for the week. Washington DC’s number one madam Sharon Marquette, needs the Pope agency to protect her client list and plethora of assets from the Distract Attourney’s office. Dating back to 1986, the list contains a many senators and congressmen, even Supreme Court nominee and President’s pick Patrick Keating. Of course Olivia figures this connection out and dashes to the White House to alert the President’s team of the incoming media bomb, but not before having a standoff with antagonist JJ, counseling Mr. and Mrs. Keating (now new clients as well-duh), and assigning newbie agent Quinn to monitor Amanda Tanner in the hospital.

Amanda Tanner, the President’s young sidepiece and former White House employee, is recovering from last week’s suicide attempt after no one would believe her truth (guilty much Olivia?) when a small blog catches wind of her story. Attractive reporter Gideon is sent to the hospital to follow up for a blog post, but he is shut down by Quinn. Amanda manages to sneak off during the dismissal however, which leaves Quinn panicking to find her. Huck suggests sarcastically, “did you check her house?”  Olivia and Quinn head to Amanda’s home to apologize, then personally offer media training and protection of Amanda if and when the Presidential affair becomes public. Excellent persuasion. Amanda’s not trying to hear that though.

Meanwhile, JJ is on the agents like white on rice arresting madam Sharon, demanding Olivia produce the list in less than 24 hours, and threatening a public investigation exposing all involved in the messy sexcapade. Also, though Olivia made the Keaton’s aware of the scandal and that he would have to withdraw his nomination, Patrick remained adamant that he was not involved with a prostitute and Olivia completely believed him. All would seem lost until… looking at the lineup of politicos…Pope connects the dots.

Keaton’s wife is the prostitute formally known as “Stacey”, and actually was tricking the entire first half of their marriage unbeknown st to her law abiding husband. In fact, he had no clue his wife had a secret past that funded his Georgetown law school debt until Olivia prompted her to tell the truth. While watching the couple argue heatedly in the another room (with too many glass windows) about infidelity, lies, broken dreams and trust, Olivia and the President have a lust-filled moment where he questions (rhetorically) if love can truly conquer all. He reaches to touch her hand, she doesn’t pull away, but seconds later mumbles some excuse and scurries off. The audience views again how Olivia tends to fall to pieces only in the presence of the President, the obvious former flame with a hold on her heart. What becomes clear this episode however, is that the President is still in love with Olivia. Towards the episode’s end he wistfully confides in Cyrus over scotch that Olivia “is the love of my life, and now she won’t even to speak to me.” Whoa. Sidebar, over 20 years later actor Tony Goldwyn (President “Fitz” Grant) from Ghost fame is aging quite nicely.

As for the “list,” Olivia sends Harrison to hilariously round up the politicos “hard wood floors?” sits down the men, and cunningly reminds them all what lies at stake if the list were to go public. All the men embark on a PR clean-up campaign throughout the media recanting any negative publicity about the Madam, her investigation was halted and they even raved about the background of nominee Patrick Keaton. Back at the agency, the final scene shows Amanda having a change of heart and requesting the Pope Agency services, but Gideon, reporter from the DC Sun, interrupts the exchange threatening to expose the developing story, “I didn’t have a story before, but I do now.” *end scene* All four plots intersected proving once again Olivia Pope extinguishes all fires in less than 45 minutes, as Shonda just won’t let SCANDAL run for two hours. SMH.

Favorite line of the episode: “My white hat is bigger than your white hat.” Olivia Pope gives the best one-liners (credit to Shonda Rhime’s great writing and Kerry Washington’s mesmerizing mouth- some beautiful soup coolers there).

What did you think of episode 2?




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