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*SCANDAL* Episode (2) Recap: “Dirty Little Secrets”

S1, E2 : “Dirty Little Secrets” 

Episode 2 picks up right where the first left off, as Olivia Pope takes on a new major client for the week. Washington DC’s number one madam Sharon Marquette, needs the Pope agency to protect her client list and plethora of assets from the Distract Attourney’s office. Dating back to 1986, the list contains a many senators and congressmen, even Supreme Court nominee and President’s pick Patrick Keating. Of course Olivia figures this connection out and dashes to the White House to alert the President’s team of the incoming media bomb, but not before having a standoff with antagonist JJ, counseling Mr. and Mrs. Keating (now new clients as well-duh), and assigning newbie agent Quinn to monitor Amanda Tanner in the hospital.

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*Review* Think Like A Man – LOVED IT!?!

    I attended the press screening of Think Like A Man, the anticipated film adaptation of Steve Harvey’s bestselling novel Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.

Now, I struggled to finish the book years ago as I found it sexist and wasn’t interested in Steve Harvey telling ME what to do in ANY of my relationships. So I was a cynic all day before the screening thinking it was going to be some simple foolery.

How wrong was I?! I LOVED the film? No. Really. I LUV-HED. The. Film?!

Starring Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart, Jerry Ferrera, Meagan Good, Michael Ealy (YUM), Romany Malco, Terrance J. and Gary Owen, this was a romantic comedy home run.

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*Review* “Hunger Games”: Bra-Vo.

  I had never heard of “Katniss Everdeen” before the pop culture marketing machine  cranked up for Hunger Games. Another young adult genre of best-selling book-turned-blockbuster-film was set for a spring release, but after skipping the Harry Potter craze (never seen a second of those Wizards- missmewiththat), and bored to tears by Bella & Jacob (UGH), I was honestly intrigued by HG previews. So, last Friday afternoon during an IMAX matinee, I treated myself to what everyone would surely be talking about all month long. GLAD I did.

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New Hip Hop Show on MTV Slated For Spring Debut

In case you assumed like many that MTV had forever replaced music dialogue with Jersey Shore footage, a new show about music is coming this spring. “MTV’s Hip-Hop POV”  will combine artist interviews, live performances and the latest news in hip hop culture and commentary.  The late-night show hosts include:
Amanda Seales (TV Personality/DJ/Artist/Comic)
Sowmya Krishnamurthy  (Journalist/Music Blogger)
Devi Dev (Sirius XM’s “Sway In The Morning” fame)
Charlamagne Tha God (NY Radio Personality/Twitter Celeb)
Bu Thiam (A&R of Def Jam known for work with Lady GaGa, Jay-Z & Kanye West/Akon’s little brother)
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D.O.P.E. Boys Listening Session @ Fly Kix

[nivo category=”troubleshooting” width=”560″ height=”250″ effect=”random” speed=”1″ slices=”15″]

Grand Hustle and 3LittleDigs hosted a Listening Party for Grand Hustle’s new group the D.O.P.E. Boys (Destroying Other People’s Egos). Supporting my Tree Sound family and good hip-hop, I hung out at a packed FlyKix store in Castleberry Hill to check out D.O.P.E.’s new mixtape and enjoy the newest offering from Malibu Red. Even Tip (The KAAAANG) stopped by. We had a great time! Appreciate the invite, thanks to FlyKix ATL, Tree Sound, and the delicious Malibu Red dranks. 🙂 Download a copy of D.O.P.E.’s mixtape  here.









There are few words. Whitney Elizabeth Houston was pronounced dead on February 11, 2012 at 3:55PM in Los Angeles, CA.

For about 8 minutes, I was in complete denial. While every social media outlet repeated the news of her death, punctuating the harsh fact with links from news outlets, it didn’t seem real to me until the radio began playing her hits in succession. Whitney Houston. The icon whom every little Black girl in the 80s grew up trying to immulate vocally. She was everything a pop star should be (in MY mind), and artists both established and aspiring vocalists knew Whitney is the barometer for excellence.

Throughout the 80’s her thin frame and beautiful features graced the covers of magazines, flawless album covers and sell-out shows. Hit after hit, award after award, Whitney’s timeless voice blazed the way for artists following her, desiring similar crossover success and adoration. She starred in blockbuster films in the 90’s, continued to sell millions, yet her tumultuous personal life began to gain as much attention as her professional success. In spite of a highly-publicized struggle with addiction and appearing on arguably the archetype celeb-train wreck reality television show, “Being Bobby Brown”, she maintained relevancy and a vocal  celebrate  and connection with fans around the globe. Whitney was the first of her kind- hand-picked and polished to enter the pop world as a powerhouse vocalist by Clive Davis himself. Irreplaceable and unforgettable. A music queen and American treasure, she will be missed by her family, friends, and fans across the world.    

As the reality of her passing settles into pop culture’s psyche,   Remember to tell people in your life how you feel while you can. Give them their roses while they can still smell them. I love you Whitney, and will always remember your voice.

My Whitney Houston Favorites:

Album: “I’m Your Baby Tonight” (1994)

Singles: “I’m Every Woman,” “Run To You,” “I Will Always Love You,” “Saving All My Love For You,” “When You Believe” and “Queen Of The Night.”

Live Moment: TIE. 1) Singing the National Anthem at the  Super Bowl 2) Whitney Houston’s LIVE interview with Diane Sawyer (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, & Part 5)

Hairstyle: Curly bob 🙂

What are some of your favorite Whitney moments?