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ARJUNI Hair Showcase In Atlanta

Two weeks ago I checked out the ARJUNI flash launch in Atlanta, a hair customization showcase providing a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Janice Arjuni, owner of ARJUNI hair offers virgin-hair extensions (weave) direct from Cambodia, and allows customers an opportunity to learn, customize, and view first-hand their hair extension selections. Well, I, queen of proudly rocking a nappy kinky fro, had no idea what that honestly meant and was treated to an overwhelming (in the best way).

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My Fro Fashion Week Experience

After a chance coverage of last weekend’s Fro Fashion Week, I have renewed respect for leaders in the industry as well as the beauty that women radiate when confident in their natural coils! The Second Annual Fro Fashion Week, held in Downtown Atlanta, is the ultimate celebration of natural hair, beauty and style!

First, let me be frank. Usually, I don’t post about hair care products, events, or even my natural hair journey. Not that I’m biased, but hair has never been my thing. Style, fashion, beauty, books, everything else but hair honestly. I’m generally ignorant and relatively unconcerned as a robust (or skimp) checking account can ensure someone will keep that wig smoked if you can’t (and looking good in Social Media pics is all that matters anymore anyway). However, when I rebuked the “creamy crack” (a topic for a future post/seperate site & channel) I began to pay more attention to the Natural Hair craze that has dominated Black hair care over the last 10 years.

Anywho, my Fro Fashion Week experience was wonderful! Saturday started with a private, intimate lunch with one of my favorite tweeters and blogging inspirations, @Afrobella (Patrice Yursik). Attendees ate strawberry salad, sipped and listened to Afrobella drop jewels of moral and brand-building wisdom. Everyone looked beautiful and was thrilled to meet Patrice in person- her light is so bright and warm. 🙂 Read the rest of this entry


Queen Oprah’s personal hair stylist for over 25 years Andre Walker, opened a Pandora’s Box of backlash when an interview with Elle Magazine surfaced online. Giving advise about “Making Peace With Your Hair,” Andre is quoted as stating, “Kinky hair can have limited styling options; that’s the only hair type that I suggest altering with professional relaxing.” Though he has since tried to back pedal with an excuse on his personal blog … the damage was done, his ignorance slipped out. As a natural hair rocker and PROUD Kinky-club member (4C, type SON!!) I had to ask, WHATTHEJOEJACKSONHELL are you talmbout Andre?!?!

Daum. Can the Kinky-hair mavens get some?? Can we cook? Live? Be considered just as gorgeous as everyone else’s textures???

Black/minority women going “natural” or resolving to no longer use a chemical straightener, has been a cultural beauty topic for over a decade. Advertisers now use models with TWA’s (Teenie Weenie Afro’s), and new natural hair products seem to appear on the market every week. A myriad of bloggers have made a career dishing styling and product advise arming women with the confidence to be kitchen beauticians. With all the information available on the Internet, there was no excuse for Andre to make such a biased statement rooted in a history of racial degradation. To advise as though an aspect of our beauty, without manipulation, simply isn’t good enough. As he utilized the Elle platform and global reach as “Oprah Winfrey’s stylist” again, I ask, WHATTHEJOEJACKSONHELL are you talmbout Andre??

One of the most liberating life experiences thus far is growing out my chemical relaxer. Some of the worst backlash while in transition (the process) and even now however, has come from Black men (and several women) eager to share that I don’t “look right” with natural hair. Excuse me, what?? As if the God-given kinky-coils growing from my scalp aren’t acceptable. *scoffs*  Which speaks to a larger issue of self-hatred that I don’t have the energy to indulge in this post nor in passing observation/exchange with small-minded people less confident in their beauty than I. Increasingly frustrating, is that in spite of the many avenues to showcase options and images of beauty for natural kinky hair it’s always one of us making averse statements that would suggest fault or disgust with one’s natural appearance. *Fingers to temple* 

Well obviously everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but public figures and those branding themselves as “experts” *cough, Andre, cough* should do their due diligence, researching the beauty of ALL textures particularly those of women whose skin mirrors their own, or STHU. The revolution against limiting beauty norms of the past has arrived. Some folks are just late. But they should know it’s rude to arrive tardy for the party starting mess…doesn’t everyone watch RHOA?? Continue to love yourself and be confident that no matter how you choose to wear your hair texture. Styling options and knowledgeable sources are around to advise on hair health. *tugs at kinky coils* I support it, even if Andre doesn’t.