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*SCANDAL* Episode (2) Recap: “Dirty Little Secrets”

S1, E2 : “Dirty Little Secrets” 

Episode 2 picks up right where the first left off, as Olivia Pope takes on a new major client for the week. Washington DC’s number one madam Sharon Marquette, needs the Pope agency to protect her client list and plethora of assets from the Distract Attourney’s office. Dating back to 1986, the list contains a many senators and congressmen, even Supreme Court nominee and President’s pick Patrick Keating. Of course Olivia figures this connection out and dashes to the White House to alert the President’s team of the incoming media bomb, but not before having a standoff with antagonist JJ, counseling Mr. and Mrs. Keating (now new clients as well-duh), and assigning newbie agent Quinn to monitor Amanda Tanner in the hospital.

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5 Reasons To Get Into SCANDAL

Shonda Rhimes has done it again. With the debut of the slick new drama SCANDAL, viewers (I) may have discovered a new obsession. Actress Kerry Washington stars as Olivia Pope, the problem-solving, “professional-fixer”, superwoman, legal authority and all-around bad ass. She and her team of intelligence operate stealthily throughout Washington, DC putting out the fires of public figures, politicians, and such. Based loosely on the life of Judy Smith, the drama is in abundance between the professional and personal lives of the “Gladiators in a suit.”

Here are (5) more reasons you should be obsessed with SCANDAL.

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BET's "The GAME" courtesy of

BET's "The GAME" courtesy of

        Did you watch??! For anyone living under a rock the last 2 years, fans nationwide waited on bated breath for the official return of “The GAME,” the Black sitcom from creative genius Mara Brock Akil. Audiences fell in love with “Med School” Melanie & Derwin Davis, Tasha Mack & Malik El Debarge Wright, and Jason & Kelly Pitts. Unfortunately the show was abruptly cancelled in 2008 on the CW much to the outrage of fans, but fans protested until BET resurrected the show with its original cast, writers, and production.  The premiere episode (Season 4 opener) finds the characters two years later dealing with issues from the past but with different perspectives.

         Jason and Kelly are officially divorced and feeling their newfound independence. Jason remains the comedic a-hole while thoroughly enjoying dating and sports commentary alongside Chris Webber. Kelly is rocking a new look to match her new attitude, courtesy of Jason’s divorce settlement, and filming a reality show. That’s right –  Kelly is a spoofed Shauni O’neal! Kelly’s character made a dramatic change considering she used to be docile and weak, but this season she cares not what anyone thinks. It will be interesting to see how the ex-couple function in the same city this season…I predict a reconciliation. Malik Wright, once the former franchise player for the Sabers, is no longer top dog. In fact, he’s having an affair with the Saber team owner’s woman (Meagan Good), treats his cousin/assistant Te Te like crap, and his career is on the downward spiral. Malik’s rise for (3) seasons only to find him falling season (4) is true to the lifestyle of many professional athletes.  

Derwin &Melanie -courtesy of BET

Derwin &Melanie -courtesy of BET

                 Tasha Mack, arguably the strongest (well, loudest) character, finds herself managing the Davis’ brand, and in a spicy relationship with a considerably younger man. Tasha is as brash as ever, but I was saddened to see her smoking a black-&-mild, and barely interacting with son Malik. Not sure what the back story on that was, but hoping next week brings clarity. Derwin is suddenly the star player on the Sabers, and “Girl Melanie” has given up aspirations of practicing medicine to play rich     housewife. While they appear to have it all on the surface, Melanie’s insecurities remain an issue.  The opener finds her swabbing for baby DNA, crushing the paternity dreams of her husband, and finally, realizing she was wrong about it all. What. A. MESS. This baby “DJ” drama has lasted almost (2) seasons and shows no signs of slowing.

Episode Surprises:

– Sheree (yes, THAT Sheree from Real Housewives of Atlanta) had a walk-on role during the bar scene. She had one line and delivered like a champ. Something with the word “PIG” in it. *shrug*

– Meagan Good – She. Looked. FLAWLESS! Excellent casting as Malik’s secret lover and eye candy substitute for Stacy Dash (what happened to her)?

– TeTe has a love interest!!- too bad she cheated on him with Malik and Meagan Good’s character in a steamy hot tub scene. Poor TeTe.

– Funniest line of the night: Kelly Pitts, “I’m handing out lollipops and ass-whoopins, and I am ALL outta lollipops!” ( I laughed so hard)

– Terrance J can act?! Who Knew?!?! *smile*


– Derwin punching the wall after finding out DJ’s paternity results (I stifled laughter)

– Tasha and Terrance J making out. It was just wrong. All shirtless, sloppy, 30 seconds of it. *Shudder*

        Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the progression of the characters and thought the writers stayed true to “The GAME” of old. The lack of unity amongst the characters as seen in the past, seemed a natural and realistic progression. In life friends grow apart and become focused on their individual milestones, but surely life will bring them close again, as the season develops. Vitamin D will have recaps every Wednesday AM – it’s #GAMEON.  What did you think of the first episode??